Lists and lists of the best bonuses available, information and suggestions

  • Casino bonus: all 2021 bonuses in AAMS online casinos
    List of all the bonuses offered by virtual rooms and their type.

    If you are looking for an offer to play online, in our bonus list you can find the promotions of many of the most reliable legal game sites and approved by AAMS, free or on cash deposits.

  • Casino bonus without immediate and free deposit (2021)
    Our free bonus list to get the possibility to win money ... without risking money!

    If you want to try to win in online casinos without risks, the no deposit bonuses are an opportunity to be exploited. Here is our list of free bonuses updated month by month.

  • Bonus for no deposit slot machines
    A list of no deposit bonuses with which to bet at slot machines.

    Some offers are dedicated in particular to specific types of games. In this list, we show the free bonuses, with which to play at the online slot machines.

  • Mobile casino bonus: the casino bonuses on iPhone and Android
    A selection of bonuses available to those who want to play on the move.

    With our bonus list offered by casino for mobile devices, you can take advantage of all the offers to play with smartphones and tablets.

  • Game bonus, fun bonus and real bonuses: the differences
    Problems to understand which types of bonuses exist? Here is the explanation!

    It is possible to group most of the bonuses in two main categories: "real" and "for fun" ones. Here are the differences.

  • Bonus betting and game volume requirements
    What are and how to interpret the bonus bet requirements.

    The bonuses are subject in most cases to some limitations, which can be removed reaching certain betting requirements.

  • Games for casino bonuses contribution table
    The contribution table is used to calculate the volume of bet.

    When calculating the betting requirements of the bonuses it is very important to take into consideration the percentage of co -resolution of the individual games.

The best bonuses? Find out with us!

Bonus is perhaps the topic of the greatest interest for players when it comes to mess on the web. Our resources help you understand which offers are more convenient and which are less.

Deposit bonus, no deposit, free play and loyalty promotions are just some of the bonuses offered by online casinos. The choice of a game site by users is often based on the bonuses that this offers to registration. Knowing how to recognize an advantageous bonus is very important. For this reason we have created a series of resources ranging from the lists of the best bonuses available (no deposit and on deposits) to information to evaluate betting requirements, to the conditions applied and to the types of promotions.

What are the bonuses?

The online casino bonuses are offers that the various operators make players available as "extra" currency to play, in order to attract users' attention to a highly competitive sector.

Bonuses can have different forms: no deposit credits, credits that increase the value of payments, free spin for slot machines or other types.

Generally, A bonus is characterized by 4 components: the percentage, the amount, the bet requirements and the type of crediting.

  • The percentage: indicates what is the amount of the bonus with respect to the value of a deposit. For example, an offer with a percentage of 100% doubles the value of the payment, an offer with a percentage of 50% makes a bonus that is worth half of the deposit and so on.
  • The amount: Indicates the maximum amount that can be obtained in the form of a bonus.
  • The betting requirements: They indicate the volume of game that must be generated to unlock the conditions to which the bonus is subjected.
  • The type of credit: It represents the method with which the bonus is credited, it can be immediate for example (you can play immediately), or post-plated (you receive after having satisfied the Requist of bet).

Let's do some examples of bonuses that can be commonly obtained on online gaming sites:

Example 1: 100% bonus up to $ 500, a 20-time requirement, post-planned: offer that doubles the value of the deposit up to a maximum of $ 100, is credited to the player's account if and when you reach a volume of Total betting equal to 20 times the bonus amount.

Example 2: 10% bonus up to $ 100, 1 time requirement, immediate: 10% of the deposit value is immediately credited as a bonus, just bet it once to be able to take it.

These 4 parameters are those that are held in greater consideration to evaluate the quality of a promotion. Percentage and amount as higher as possible, requirement as possible. Player's preference credit method. Note that the bet requirement has absolute priority: it is useless to have a 1000 $ bonus available if in fact it is almost impossible to meet the requirements to be able to play it or to withdraw any winnings collected.