Resources on strategies and methods for betting in the mess

  • Count the cards in Blackjack: the high -low method
    Do you want to try to count the cards in Blackjack? Do it with the hi-it!

    High -low (or hi-lo) is the most used method for counting cards in the Blackjack game. Here's how it works and how to use it best, but be careful not to get caught!

  • Count the cards in Blackjack: ACE-FIVE strategy
    Another valid counting method for blackjack.

    The ACE-FIVE method is the simplest blackjack counting system, useful for those who want to try their hand at the first time in this challenge. Will it be enough to be able to beat the bench?

  • How to manage Bankroll when playing online
    Learn to manage your money when you bet.

    Bankroll management is very important, especially when playing online. Here are our advice on money management when playing, with particular attention to the online.

  • General strategies and advice to play and bet online
    The things to know before each online bet.

    A series of useful tips and basic strategies to play in the mess on the web and in general to summarize online, in order to avoid common errors that can cost dearly.

  • Laboucher or cancellation betting system: how it works
    General bet system applicable to multiple games.

    How the Labouchere betting system works, also called the method of cancellation, one of the most used episode methods among those of simple implementation.

  • The most effective methods for winning at the Roulette game
    Systems to significantly increase the chances of winning.

    Collection of game methods to win at roulette. How the methods to make winnings at the online roulette table, explained in a simple and detailed way, work.

  • Labouchere system: Roulette and Craps application
    Use of the roulette cancellation method.

    The results of the application of the Laboucher system applied to the games of roulette and craps on simple chances.

  • Blackjack Surrenter: game strategies
    Specific strategy for the surrender variant.

    In the Surrender Blackjack the player can surrender and get back half the episode from the mess. But when should you surrender and when to continue? Here is a study that deals with the issue.

  • Systems and betting methods in casino games: considerations
    Do you trust each system you find around? Maybe it's a mistake ...

    Some considerations on betting methods in probabilistic perspective, for the games of the terrestrial casinos and online casinos. If it's too beautiful to be true ... then it's not true!

Various methods to bet in casino games

Information on game strategies and analysis of betting systems and methods.

The betting systems and the strategies to play are 100%functioning from being functional. Despite this, the topic has been the subject of years and years of studies and the result, as well as Cusioso, is sometimes also useful.

So here is a series of resources related in some way to the betting systems, from the most common methods of counting the cards to Blackjack to specific information for the game in online casinos.