Resources on casino games

  • Roulette game: all the resources and essential information
    The most important information relating to the game of roulette and online roulette.

    Roulette is the classic casino game that is certainly more famous and appreciated by players around the world. Discover the most used rules, chances and systems.

  • The Blackjack game: rules, strategies and information
    Rules, basic strategy and calculation of the probability for the Blackjack game.

    One of the easiest casino games to learn, yet one of the most played ever: we are talking about Blackjack, a strategic game but suitable for everyone, whose rules can be learned in 5 minutes.

  • Online video poker: what versions exist and how to play
    How they work, how to play and what are the best methods for online video poker.

    The video poker has been a casino game now in vogue for many years. Although the structure that distinguishes it has never changed, the new versions on the web still make it current.

  • The best online slot machines: reviews and advice
    Information, tricks and complete reviews on the most famous slot machines.

    Slot machines undoubtedly represent the most loved type of game by players. Here are the best slot machines to play online, free or money.

  • Probability in games: articles on probability in the mess
    The mathematics at the base of the casino games explained in a simple way.

    Collection of resources relating to the calculation of probability in the most famous mess games, such as roulette, Baccarat, Texas Hold'em and Slot Machines, with some insights to understand what is convenient for the player.

Rules, game strategies, probability and information on casino games

The games are the soul of the mess. In this section you can find the most important information for the most famous games: roulette, blackjack, video poker and slot machines.

When it comes to betting money, it is essential to have a clear idea of the functioning of the games you intend to participate. Without having the presumption of thinking that the resources we have made are sufficient to become experts, we propose a series of essential information that aims to give the player the basic knowledge for a conscious game.

With regard to roulette You can read the rules of the game and the meaning of the table boxes, know the foundations to understand the betting systems, evaluate the chances of winning and find out how to play live.

If interested in Blackjack Here you will find information on the fundamentals of the game, an example of strategy to increase the chances of victory, the tables that show the percentages that the player and the bench have to birdlly and the indications to play in live mess.

A section dedicated to video poker It highlights the various types available for this game and a good system for the Jacks or Better variant. Finally the section of slot online It provides useful advice and tricks and a collection of most famous slot games of the Slot games divided for software used.

What are the most appreciated casino games

The latest data regarding the preferences of players on the web for 2016 are clear: It is the slot machines that do the lion's part, recording about 60% of the total episodes. The slot sector this year has shown record numbers in the American online game market, a fact that clearly shows how American users, on average, prefer games in which to rely totally luck.

Roulette and Blackjack remain at the first places., two "evergreen" who still collect the preferences of many fans, especially those who prefer a more strategic and prolonged type of game over time.

On the other hand, the other types of game do not stand out, used mostly as an occasional alternative to the other games. Video poker and arcade are part of this circle.

Still downhill the numbers for cash poker and tournament in 2016. For some years now this activity has recorded a decline of interest by the players. Considering instead the growth of gambling, this is another confirmation that American users are currently preferring to rely on fortune rather than ability.

The foundations of casino games

What differentiates roulette, blackjack, slot machines and the like by all other games is the way in which the player tries to get a victory: If in most games (in the general sense of the term) it is the player's skill level to decree a victory or a loss, in casino games it is luck.

In the most classic games, the ability can be trained and perfected over time, training and recognition of common patterns. In casino games invcece, with rare exceptions, this is not possible because luck is by definition "the alleged cause of events and circumstances that cannot be explained rationally", can change at any time and cannot be controlled in any way. When it comes to roulette, blackjack and slot players can only Learn to aim correctly.

If we try to categorize games based on the relationship between participants' ability and role of fortune, it is evident that in gambling this relationship is unbalanced in a marked way towards luck. In a race with friends he is the most capable of winning. In a game of cards he is the best and lucky to win. In a session of slot machines he is the luckiest to win. This is precisely the strength of the gambling games: all players are the same and have the same probability of winning, regardless of their experience or preparation.