Resources on probability in games

  • Roulette probability: the expected value
    What is and how the expected value is calculated in the game of roulette in a simple way.

    An interesting exhibition that explains the mathematical method with which the chances of winning the American roulette are calculated, with the help of a video created by an illustrious professor.

  • Slot Machines: the chances of winning the jackpot
    What is the probability of winning a jackpot at the slots? Let's try to calculate it.

    Video slot machines and virtual ones put huge progressive jackpots, especially online. But what is the probability of winning them? Really very low, but not nothing.

  • Texas Hold'em poker: outs, projects and probability
    An overview of outs, projects and probability in Texas Hold'em poker.

    In poker "Texana" mathematics is not the most important factor, but being able to calculate the percentages of realization of a project can be a good source of information to make correct decisions.

  • How to calculate probability and value of return of a slot
    We build our personalized slot machine and see how to do it!

    How do you calculate the return percentage in winnings of a slot machine? We build a 3 roller mechanical slot and a single win win and see the procedure.

  • The probability in online casino games are the same with real money and bonuses?
    An in -depth analysis on any differences between the use of a real and a virtual and free currency.

    When playing in online with the real bonuses or money, the probability and percentages of winnings are generally the same. That's why there are no differences.

  • Probability in casino games: real money vs virtual money
    The same games can have different return percentages with real money or virtual money.

    If you think that the probability in the casino games in version with real money are the same as those of the games in the "virtual money" version ... be careful!

  • Calculation of probability and margins for the Baccarat
    Calculation of the probability for the various hands and margins of the counter in the game of Baccarat.

    In the margin baccarat reduced to 1.3%, the hand of the counter wins statistically more but a commission is applied. A really simple game, perhaps the easiest to understand and play among all those in which the cards are used.

  • Slot Machines: the chances of getting free spins and winning
    Probability of obtaining free spin in online slots and winning with them.

    Winning with the free spins, free toy play, is the goal of many players. But how many chances of succeeding are? Read the overview of the aspects of this topic.

When mathematics is an ally of players!

Knowing the chances of casino games is very important: an intelligent player must always present what are the real possibilities of winning (and loss).

Having an understanding, at least basic, of the probabilistic system on which casino games are based is important for two reasons: the first is that in this way the player becomes aware of the fact that the counter always has an advantage, the second is that yes They can avoid many game methods that seem advantageous but in reality they inevitably lead to squandering all the capital available.

So here is a collection of articles that somehow concern the calculation of the probability in the most famous games.