Online casino list for mobile devices

Are you looking for a site to play the mess with your portable device? Here's how and where you can do it.

Playing using tablets and smartphones is the latest online gaming news. Almost all operators have committed themselves to providing in a short time a version of the games compatible with the main devices on the market.

On this page you can find a List of the main mobile mess for iPhone, iPad and Android And other useful information for the mobility game, including the reviews of the individual virtual rooms for your portable devices, with indications on bonuses and games available.

Casino list that can be used by mobile and related reviews

Here is a list of casino mobile that we have tried. For those who in our opinion have a quality offer there are connections for immediate access.

*Na: operator not approved.

Casino and bonus games for iPhone, iPad and Android

Mobile or app? Difference between "web apps" and classic applications

There are two ways to play with tablets and smartphones: online or downloading apps

Play online with a web app It means connecting directly to the Casino website, using one of the most common browsers (we recommend Chrome or Firefox). If the operator includes this game mode (check the table above), you will automatically redirect to the version that best suits your device.

Once you access the site, you can decide whether to play with fake money (in most cases without registration), or proceed with registration to open a game account for real money. If you are already registered, just log in to use the games.

This game mode has a couple of advantages: first you don't have to download and install anything. Second, you can access all available games. On the other hand, the power required for the processing of games and slots is quite high, so in order not to have slowdowns you will have to be in possession of a medium-high-end tablet or tablet.

Use apps Downloaded from the various stores or directly from the operators' websites, on the contrary, it requires less power. Access to the games will also be faster, because you just need a "tap" on the display to start.

The disadvantage in this case concerns the fragmentation of the games in different apps. Many operators have in fact developed applications that give access to one game at a time (or one category). So, to switch from one table to another, you should close and open continuous applications.

Our advice is to try the online version (web app) And only in case of problems using "classic" apps.

Requirements to play on tablets and smartphones

In general, any medium-high-end device is sufficient.

The minimum requirements to use casino games on tablets and cell phones are not too high, thanks to the new technologies to use by the producers. However, the greater the power available, the better the graphic performance and the fluidity of the game will be.

All Android devices with a system starting from version 4.0, all iPhone and iPads with iOS 3.0 or higher system should be perfectly compatible (between this Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, iPhone 3, 4, 5 and later, Google Nexus etc.).

On the other hand, the support to Windows Phone is currently limited.

What are the best platforms to bet on mobile?

The continuous evolution of the mobile-game sector makes competition among operators even more fierce than usual.

All the most famous operators have adapted their services to the new and widespread trend. In a situation where news is proposed every day is Difficult to say what is the best online casino for iPhone or Android.

In fact, everyone is working to offer users of the game environments for increasingly versatile and simple use of portable devices, while trying to improve the visual impact as possible with modern and attractive graphics. Also on the promotions and bonuses front there are always variations: the trend is that not only to align the offers for all platforms, but even of offer something more to push players to try the games on the move.

As a result of this great and chaotic transition to the game for mobile, it is difficult to understand at a precise moment what the best game platform is absolutely, assuming that there is one. For this reason the advice is that of rely on the "usual known", that is, to the already known and reliable brands in order to always have the certainty of aiming in a virtual room always at the forefront.