To know before playing

  • Introduction to online casinos: what is it for to play
    What you need to know to take the first steps.

    Do you want to try playing online but you don't know where to start? We explain what it takes to take the first steps in the world of gaming through the internet.

  • 7 useful tips to evaluate an operator
    What are the important factors on which to choose one game site rather than another.

    In recent years, the number of legal virtual casino available for the gaming market in USA has grown a lot. Choosing an operator among the various available proposals can be complex.

  • Security in online casinos: transactions and personal data
    The safety standards adopted in the AAMS game halls to bet with peace of mind.

    When it comes to making money transactions or providing their personal data, American players are almost always wary. Here are the safety standards used.

  • Online casino scams: attention to spam and phishing
    How to defend themselves from spam, phishing attempts and those who use casinos to defraud users.

    The betting sites are often and willingly the target preferred by spammer and other little serious individuals. How to defend yourself?

After choosing where to play

  • Download, flash or mobile mess: access methods
    Download the program, play online or on mobile?

    In this guide we aim to analyze all possible methods of access to online casino platforms, explaining what are advantages and disadvantages of one compared to the other.

  • Registration for online casino: how to open an account
    How to complete the procedure to register before pointing.

    To open a game account for real (or virtual) money, users must first fill in a complete form for registration.

  • Deposit and game limits in online casinos: what they are for
    What are and how to best set the storage and episode limits.

    By virtue of the responsible game, American players must set limitations to their betting activity, which may concern deposits, betting amounts or losses suffered.

  • How to make the first cash deposit.
    Make the first cash deposit to start aiming with real money.

    Players who want to bet with real money must first make a payment on the gaming account, an operation commonly called first deposit or first recharge.

Ready to start!

  • Guide to evaluate casino bonuses and promotions
    The criteria for evaluating and choosing a bonus between the various types offered.

    One of the main aspects of the virtual rooms is to constantly offer bonuses and promotions to its users, especially those just registered.

  • Guide to online casino games and slot machines
    There are many games and slots available. What will your favorites be?

    The offer of games is really wide, so we make an overview that guides you to discover the games currently available.

  • How to take winnings in an online casino
    Information and suggestions on the withdrawal of winnings from the game account.

    The goal of each player is to bring home a win. To do this, in addition to a certain dose of luck, it is necessary to proceed with the withdrawal of the money from your account.

  • Glossary of the common terms used in Gambling
    Discover the most used terms of gambling, even online.

    Playing consciously also means knowing the most common terms and expressions used to describe the various aspects of this activity.

Choose your mess and play consciously and informedly

With an ever greater virtual game rooms, gaming on the web has become a reality that raises a lot of interest among American users. For this reason, follow guides on all the topics concerning online casinos allows players to make a conscious choice of the sites to bet.'s guides deal with the theme of online casinos from the player's point of view: first knowing and choosing online casinos, then understand how to carry out the main operations and finally start playing by evaluating games and promotions offered. There is also a glossary of the most common terms, which will soon be joined by a section of frequent questions by users.

The importance of a guide on the game in virtual mess

The mess on the web are not simple games. When you get closer to them it is absolutely important to have a clear and concrete vision of what is, for better or for worse, the online game. Hence the importance of a complete guide that highlights the main aspects that characterize this activity.

As we have said several times to be informed is the first step towards a correct attitude towards gambling. Without a guide, in fact, there is a risk of playing wrongly, not so much on a practical level, but rather on a psychological level. The de facto data help the player to "stay with their feet on the ground", in the full awareness of their actions, without falling into the temptation to believe the many myths and legends that often circulate on the web about it.

The guides on this page are intended to make the online casinos known in their basic aspects of our users, but in our view the whole site represents a useful guide for the players: those who want to bet online in fact should not only know the Functioning of the game services, but also be able to evaluate the many offers available and to correct the approach with the game correctly.