Playing with your head, without exaggerating and only of age

Know your limits, play with your head and don't overdo it. These are the principles at the base of the responsible game. However, the slogans are not enough to face a matter of great importance: the prevention of game dependence.

If for most people, gambling is considered as a pastime, a occasional fun to which you can easily give up in favor of much more important things, for some players this activity becomes a real dependence, whose consequences They can be very serious.

In our opinion, the best way to combat this situation is prevention, through adequate education towards all forms of play and not just online casinos we deal with on this portal. Sometimes prevention is not enough and unfortunately it is necessary to receive help from the outside, when the situation escapes hands.

In order to greater awareness of gambling and to provide a valid help to those who need it, we have collected (and created) a series of resources relating to the responsible game.

Our resources on responsible game

  • Tips for responsible game
    Our advice on what is the correct attitude to keep towards the game.

    In this post we will try to give some advice on the correct behavior to be adopted towards the game, making particular reference to the theme of "online".

  • Protect minors from gambling
    Tips to protect minors from the risks of gambling and to prevent this activity.

    Gambling is an activity absolutely reserved for individuals who have turned 18 years of age.

  • Infographic on the responsible game: players' behaviors
    An interesting infographic that highlights the various aspects and consequences of the game.

    The infographic on the responsible game that we share with our users shows two different paths that represent the consequences of the game according to the attitude with which the players relate to it.

  • Self -resistance and self -exclusion from the game activity
    How to put a brake on your game business, even online.

    Autolimitation and self -exclusion are two concepts that do not only concern problematic players. Knowing how to give the right importance to gambling is fundamental for everyone.

  • Gambling dependence and pathological game
    How to deal with the problem of addiction: do the free test to find out what kind of player you are.

    When gambling escapes any control it can transform not only into a vice, but into a real disease (ludopathy or gap).

  • Who to ask for help if you have a problem with gambling
    Who to for help and professional support for problems with gambling.

    The first step to solve the game problems is to talk about it. Here is a list of specialized organizations that offer free help.

Responsible game and risk of addiction in relation to online casinos

What are the risks in relation to the game in online casinos and how to prevent the problems related to them?

Playing for money in online casinos means gamble. The game through the internet faces two particular aspects to be analyzed: the immediate feedback of the bets results and the precise demographic target that shows interest in this activity.

Think for a moment about how the Superenalotto works: a card is played, but the result of the bet is notified after one or more days. Instead, think of how a slot machine works: you point and immediately learn about the bet of the bet.

On a psychological level there is a big difference between these two types of game: in the second, the fact of immediately knowing the result of the game can push the player to immediately play another game. In the other case, however, the prevalent attitude is that of waiting, that is, not to play further until the result is made known. From this it is deduced that the least is the time between the bet and the feedback of the result, the greater the risk of playing ever greater amounts (with due exceptions).

When betting in online casino games, the result of the game has made known within a few seconds. For this it is necessary that players always have full control of the situation (perhaps even by setting up some Deposit limits).

Another aspect to be taken into consideration is the access mode: using electronic devices to play online implies in 99% of cases the use of electronic systems for money transactions. This can induce to underestimate the amount in cash that is put at risk. There is a nice difference between "electronically depositing" and physically put your hand to the wallet. Also for this reason it is therefore important that the player is always aware of his limits, in order to assign the right weight to the actions that he is performing.

The other interesting aspect to analyze is that of the demographic target to which online gaming services are addressed: adults, who have a certain confidence with technology. In general, therefore, people aged between 20 and 50, who have a fairly developed "internet culture".

A target of this type does not include the two categories most at risk (attention, the risk is always there!) To develop a pathology linked to the game, that is, the very young and the elderly, more inclined to let themselves be dragged into the spiral of the uncontrolled game and a "fall into temptation" in the face of promises of easy earnings (unfortunately the web is full).

And it is precisely on the promises of easy earnings that we want to discuss with particular attention. Too often on the net it happens to come across advertising (if they can be defined as) that propose dream gains playing in online casinos. Well, if on the one hand it is true that it can be won, on the other it is clear that not everyone and they cannot always do it (otherwise the mess would have already closed their doors). Do not be fooled by these advertisements that, in addition to instigating the gambling, make him pass for a "job". Playing in online casinos is not a job, it's a pastime!

They are only luck and the right attitude that make you winners, even in knowing how to accept losses.