How do the online casino bonuses work? Here are the differences!

Each online casino applies its own rules and conditions to the bonuses offered. However, it is possible to group most of the bonuses in two main categories: the "real" and those "for fun".

The bonuses offered by the mess are not all the same. Some are very advantageous for players, others can instead be defined as simple virtual credits to try games.

It is not easy to juggle for the first time in the menadri of terminology used to present promotions. For this reason we explain to you what are the main differences between the real bonuses and those for fun.

Real bonuses without requirements

The "Real Bonus" are offered, rather rare, which have practically null requirements.

The main feature of the real bonuses is to generate real winnings immediatelynull This means that by betting the money on the bonus balance you can immediately withdraw the winnings obtained without restrictions.

This type of promotion is obviously the most coveted by the players. The sole condition applied is in fact that provided for by American law on anti-agricultural: a real bonus must be bet at least once in order to become taken.

This means that If you have a real bonus:

  • You can immediately withdraw all the winnings obtained by betting the bonus itself.
  • You have to reach a betting requirement of 1 time the value of the bonus so that this can be taken. In this case, all games contribute 100% to the calculation of the game volume generated.

Example: you have received a credit of $ 10 like Real Bonus. Make a roulette bet on the red of $ 5. The bet is winning. So you won $ 10. In total your balance is $ 15, of which $ 10 of winnings and $ 5 of residual bonuses. You can take $ 10. If you do another $ 5 bet "exhausted" the bonus credit and then you can take everything.

Some operators offer offers of this type with some limitation. Specifically, it is always possible to request the proceeds of the winnings but, if some conditions have not been satisfied, at the time of the withdrawal request, the residual bonus is canceled (not bad if you have obtained a good collection!). To know the individual conditions, we recommend reading the information on the online casino bonuses provided by our team or to check directly on the websites of the casino.

Check our list to see the Availability of real bonuses (With 1x requirement).

Game bonus and fun bonus with requirements

Game bonus are the most used promotional form in online casinos for new players.

Game bonus and fun bonus are two synonyms that identify promotions to which conditions and requirements are generally applied. They can be divided into two categories: immediate and post-pitch or progressive ones.

Immediate bonuses can be betrayed immediately. Post-pitted or progressive ones must be "unlocked" before becoming available for the episodes. The required requirements are therefore applied, depending on the bonus, after having received them or before. To better understand what has been said, we do 2 different examples that in practice represent the possible situations in which online casino players can be found when they receive a fun bonus:

Game bonus worth $ 100, immediate, 20 times requirement: the $ 100 can be bet immediately. The bonus requirements can be considered reached once a game volume of $ 2000 ($ 100*20) are generated. At this point the bonus is converted into a royal bonus with a betting requirement of 1 time.

Game bonus worth $ 100, post-planned, 20 times requirement: the $ 100 are not available immediately, you can only bet with the money deposited. When a game volume of $ 2000 is reached ($ 100), the bonus is increased as real, with a further game requirement of 1 time.

If you have an active game bonus:

  • You cannot withdraw the winnings made with the bonus until the requirements are satisfied (in some cases with immediate bonuses all samples are blocked).
  • You have to reach the volume of the game provided by the Casino to convert the fun bonus in royal bonus (if the bonus is immediate) or to receive it in the usable balance (if the bonus is post-planned).

The betting requirements that we talked about are applied from each online casino in a different way. For post-plated and progressive offers, they are used to unlock bonuses, for immediate offers, instead they can concern blocks on withdrawals or other limitations. You can read ours for more information article on bonus requirements.