What are the betting requirements of the bonuses

The bonuses offered by the mess on the web are subject in most cases to some limitations, which can be removed reaching certain betting requirements.

Unless it is a real bonuses, the accredits of money offered by online casinos as promotions impose some conditions for players, who can be more or less advantageous depending on the operator.
These conditions generally provide for the realization of a certain game volume before the limitations imposed by the presence of the bonus are eliminated. An example? "Making a game volume of 30 times the amount of the bonus so that the bonus itself is converted into real cash."

Each game site has different conditions, so we want our users to be able to understand what the betting requirements we are talking about consist of, so as to personally evaluate the quality of the offers available.

First let's see a definition of "game volume": The game volume (also called betting requirement, Playtrough or Wagering) is the amount of all the bets made by a player regardless of the winning or loser outcome of the gamesnull If a player makes ten episodes from $ 1 to the slot machines, the game volume generated is $ 10. Each game can contribute differently to the calculation of the game volume based on a contribution table, different from Casino to Casino. For simplicity in this article we will pretend that each game contributes 100%, that is, that the game volume generated is exactly the same as the betting amount (Here an in -depth analysis of the contribution table).

Bonus requirements are expressed in 99% of cases in terms of game volume: To eliminate the limitations imposed by the bonuses to the players, it is required to make a certain volume of bet, for example at 20, 30 or 50 times the amount of the bonus received. Obviously, the requirement is less and the most advantageous is the bonus.

A bonus that blocks only the withdrawals of the winnings made with the bonus itself with a requirement of 20 times, without limiting the withdrawals of the winnings obtained with the really deposited money is very advantageous. A bonus with a requirement of 50 times that blocks any type of withdrawal is to be avoided. To find out the requirements of the promotions proposed by the best known legal operators in USA (with AAMS approval), you can view The list of casino bonuses.

To understand this statement, consider that the player's account consists of two different sales: the real balance and the bonus balance. The real one includes the amounts filed and any real bonusnull The second includes instead the amounts received as Fun Bonus o Game Bonusnull The best bonuses are those as much as possible "separated" by the royal balance. In other words, they are those who do not bind in any way the game activity carried out using the money that has been deposited.

How to calculate the game volume

Calculating the amount requested as a game volume is very important to understand how much promotion is really advantageous.

Calculating the betting requirements of the bonuses is simpler than it may seem, but you have to be careful to consider some important aspects. The requirement on the game volume is usually expressed with a number that indicates how many times the value of the bonus must be bet. This can be for example 10 times or 30 times the value of the bonus. Let's do some examples to clarify better:

100% bonus up to $ 100, requirement 20 times the bonus value. With a deposit of $ 10, the volume of game to generate is $ 200 ($ 10*20), with a deposit of $ 50 is $ 1000 ($ 50*20) and so on.

Bonus of 200% up to $ 200, requirement 30 times the value of the bonus. With a payment of $ 10, the bet requirement is 600 $ ($ 20*30), with a payment of $ 100 is $ 6000 ($ 200 $ 30).

Bonus of 50% up to $ 1000, requirement of 10 times the deposit value + bonus. With a top -up of $ 20, the necessary game volume is 300 $ (30 $*10).

The requirements of no deposit bonus They obviously calculate on the fixed value of the bonus itself, as there is no deposit.

At first glance it may therefore seem that the chances of being able to reach the requirements is based only on the number of times when the bonus amount must be bet. Wrong!

Another factor that most of novice players do not keep in due consideration is the percentage of contribution of each individual game to the calculation of the total game volume. In fact, each game can contribute differently, for example 100%, 50%, 10%or even 0%. If a game contributes only for 10%, it means that for each bet of $ 1 only $ 0.10 will be counted as a play volume generated.

To give a concrete example, suppose that, in a specific online casino, slot machines contribute 100%, 50%roulette, blackjack for 10%and baccarat for 0%. Suppose we have also received a $ 100 bonus with a requirement of 20 times. According to these parameters in order to reach a game volume of $ 2000 (i.e. 20 times $ 100), the player should bet:

  • $ 2,000 if you only play slots
  • $ 4,000 if he only plays roulette
  • $ 20,000 if he only plays at Blackjack
  • It cannot reach the requirements if it only plays in Baccarat

As you can see, the numbers grew a lot compared to the calculation made previously. The contribution percentages of the various games are extremely important because they can make a big difference in the difficulty relating to the release of a bonus (they are generally published in a table to be searched among the terms and conditions of each promotion presented by online casinos).

Therefore, ultimately, the two factors to be taken into consideration for the calculation of the game volume in order to unlock a bonus are the requirement on the "number of times" and the percentage of contribution of each gamenull So do not be "cheating" by requirements that at first seem very low. The truly good offers are those that associate a high percentage of contribution for games with a low requirement! More information on the contribution of games is available here.