What is the game contribution table

When calculating the betting requirements of online casino bonuses it is very important to take into consideration the percentage of co -resolution of the individual games.

The so -called contribution table is a very important element of each Fun Bonus o Game Bonus offered by online casino, because it allows you to really calculate how much each game contributes to generating the game volume required to meet the conditions provided.

The contribution of each game is expressed as a percentage. The betting volume generated for each episode is given by the product of the amount bet for the coefficient shown in the table. By focusing two euros in a game with a contribution of 100%, a game volume of $ 2 is generated, at the point of $ 2 in a game with a contribution of 50%, a game volume of $ 1 is generated and so on.

The contribution table extends what are the conditions of the bonuses. In fact, it is not enough to know how many times a bonus must be bet so that the requirements are completed. A mess can also offer bonuses with very low requirements, but if the contribution table is "poor", that is, with very low percentages, it will still be difficult to meet the required requirements. It is evident therefore that the higher the percentages of the games you are interested in and the most convenient the bonus you have received can be onsiled.

Each game site adopts its own rules. To know the contribution table of the games of individual operators you can consult ours list of casino reviews or check between the terms and conditions of the bonuses directly on the official websites of the game rooms.

How to interpret the contribution table

How to really calculate the bonus bet requirements.

The image next to it shows a simple contribution table of a mess on the web. As you can see, a percentage is assigned to each game category. 100% for slot machines, 50% for roulette, 10% for blackjack and so on.

The value shown for each game indicates in which percentage each episode made is considered for the purpose of the game volumenull We do some practical examples to see how to use the contribution table to calculate the betting requirements of the bonuses, considering a bonus received by $ 50 with betting requirement of 30 times its value and contribution percentages for 100%slot machines, 50%roulette and for 10%blackjack:

Playing only the slot machines each episode is entirely considered. This means that the total requested game volume is $ 1500 (50 $*30). Betting a total of $ 1500 regardless of the outcome of the games, the required conditions are reached.

By playing only the roulette each episode is considered for the bet of the bet 1/2 of its amount. Although the volume of game requested is always $ 1500, in this case it is necessary to make bets for a total amount of $ 3000 ($ 3000 * 0.5 = $ 1500) to meet the conditions.

By playing only the Blackjack, each episode made is considered 1/10 of its value. In this case, therefore, the player should make a total of episodes of $ 15,000 ($ 15,000 * 0.1 = $ 1500) to reach a game volume of $ 1500, that is, 30 times the value of the bonus received.

These examples are very simplified, because a player usually participates in more than one game during his business in an online casino. To find out the volume of game generated at any time, it is possible to check its advancement from the personal panel inside the casino itself or by ing the operators of the Support Service.