The Blackjack game for smartphones and tablets

Blackjack, one of the most famous casino games ever, also arrives on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android.

Blackjack games for furniture devices offered by the casino allow you to play at any time, also using the common internet connection of phones and tablets, free or aiming real money (with real cash winnings).

Since it is a very simple game, the compatibility of the blackjack with the various devices is very wide: practically all the tablets and smartphones of the last few years are able to make this type of green table turn without problems.

The versions of Blackjack Mobile: Multi-Hand and single hand

The versions of Blackjack mobile currently available are substantially two, based on Classic Blackjack regulations: the single hand and the multi-hand (3 hands).

In all the tables for iPhone, iPad and Android that we have tried, the rules are always the same: the bench asks for paper up to 16, it is on 17, the winnings are paid 2 to 1 (3 to 2 in the case of Blackjack), The insurance pays 2 to 1. The number of decks used instead changes from Casino to Casino.

A new version that could soon make its appearance in the panorama of mobile gaming is the live one. Considering that Roulette is already available, we have no doubts that Blackjack will also be introduced shortly.

Images of the Blackjack Multi-Mano mobile and single hand on mobile phone:

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Which casino offer blackjack for iPhone, iPad and Android

This list includes only the best mess approved by the team:

Casino Review Type Free Money
888 Mobile Multi-hand And Yes, $ 500 in bonus
William Hill Mobile Single hand And If, $ 1000 $ in bonus
PaddyPower Mobile Single hand And Yes, 500 $ of bonuses
Starcasino Mobile Single or multi -hand And Yes, 1000 $ of bonuses

More on the Mobile Blackjack

There are still few Blackjack games available for Android and iOS devices, despite these are one of the games most appreciated by players around the world.

Regardless of the software that underlies the different online casinos, the number of blackjack tables for tablets and phones is very limited: in fact, there is talk of only 1 operator table, one hand in the case of Playtech and Microgaming, 3 hands in the case of the owner of the Casino

It is likely that Netten will bring a breath of news to this sector (thanks to the Netent Touch platform), even if we do not know when news for the American gaming market will be available.

The versions currently available in the mess I allow you to bet both in test mode (with the so -called "fake money"), and with real money. Those who want to try the free version are not forced to register and open a gaming account: in fact, it is enough that they connect to one of the mobile mess through a portable device and that select the Blackjack table. Nothing simpler!