Leovegas is the best casino for mobile: smartphones and tablets!

  • What does Levegas offer on mobile
  • 5 $ + 90 rpm for free for games and slots
  • Bonus on 4 deposits up to $ 1000
  • You play without downloading any apps
  • Lots of slot machines on smartphones
  • Visit the Levegas website
Lensgas mobile in pills
  • 5 $ Without deposit + 90 rpm for free to registration
  • High welcome bonus: up to $ 1000
  • Dozens of games and slot machines, and the roulette on TV
  • Designed and created for those who play mobile
  • High requirement on the Game Bonus
  • All Android tablets and smartphones
  • All Apple iOS products (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • Some versions of Windows Phone

Evaluation of the Leovegas Mobile casino

Vote: 9/10
Bonus: 8
Games: 9
Slots: 10
Graphics: 9

This evaluation represents only the mobile version of the Leovegas casino. For more information, you can read the Complete review of Leovegas.

Leovegas bonuses for those who play with smartphones or tablets

All players on Levegas are entitled to the same bonuses, no matter what the device is with which you access the mess.

Casino Levegas has reserved a special, exclusive promotion to users of our site (this bonus is not present on other sites) that offers a Bonus of 5 $ Without deposit to registration + 90 rpm for free.

By subscribing to Levegas from any of the connections on our site, or from this direct connection, you are entitled to an offer that includes:

  • 5 $ Free without deposit
  • 20 free spin to registration
  • Another 70 rpm for games if you deoposite at least 10 $
  • To these are added four bonuses (from 50% to 100%) for a total of up to $ 1000 on the first deposits (of at least $ 10). The game bonus is disbursed immediately and can be used for all games.

    The first part of the bonus, 5 $ + 20 rpm, are immediately assigned to the registration, without DEover to make a first deposit. The credit of another 70 free laps is received by depositing at least $ 10.

    Note that the game bonus is assigned on a special balance separated from the real one and for this reason the player can choose whether to focus with real balance or with the one for fun: in the first case to obtain an immediate win and in the second to try to reach The requirements to unlock the bonus.

    Furthermore, the fact that the real balance is the first to be used in the event that both real money and money bonus on the player's account is available.

    Who More information on the bonus of the Leovegas casino.

    Classic games: roulette, blackjack, dice and cards

    The quantity of classic games on Levegas Mobile is completely satisfactory: There are many versions of each game, especially as regards roulette and video poker.

    The games are available in 3 versions: virtual, in which you bet against a virtual bench,; Live, in which you focus on real tables live streaming; TV, in which you interact with the game tables that can be found live on the TV channels of digital terrestrial and Sky.

    Being an online casino developed mainly to offer an optimal gaming experience to those who connect from smartphones to aim, All games available for PC are also available for mobile!

    Le slot machines su LeoVegas Mobile

    As for Slot Machines on Levegas Mobile there is spoiled for choicenull All slots are based on two of the most famous game software: Playtech and Netent.

    There are dozens of different slot machines, all fully functional with mobile devices and touch screen, without the need to install third -party apps or programs such as flash player.

    Just connect to the Levegas website and choose a game to start betting at the slots, without waiting times.

    Graphic rendering, performance and usability

    Levegas offers first -level gaming experience on all devices.

    The quality of the games and slots is excellent, like what can be detected by playing with a fixed station. Everything is fluid and without slowing down, the consumption of network resources is limited and the uploads are really fast on 4G networks.

    Being an online casino designed and developed for those who want to play mobile, all the functions of the platform are easily accessible. The management of the account is complete and the use of a PC is never required to complete any operation.

    Furthermore, You can play on Levegas Mobile without downloading any apps: just connect to the site with any of the most popular browsers!

    More information about Leovegas

    Leovegas is a new online casino that will show its qualities during 2018 and next year. It is a platform born after the acquisition of the Winga brand, for years already present in the American game market. For this reason, despite the young age, Leovegas already offers quality and reliability of the highest level.

    In addition to casino and slot games, Leovegas also allows you to perform sports bets, play bingo and participate in online lotteries, including scratch cards.

    Review of the Casino Levegas Mobile by casino-us-casino.com - updated to 15 January 2018

How to play in Casino Leovegas (with Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone)

This guide is valid for the mobile version on the website (web-apps of Levegas Casino, which can be reached by simple web navigation with the most popular browsers)

  • How to play for free: Connect to the site https://www.leovegas.it, select any of the available games, then choose the "Test" option. If the game does not open in a new window, make sure to remove the block for pop-up windows from the browser. To have a credit available again, just close the game and open it again.
  • How to play with real money: To play with real money, connect to the site https://www.leovegas.it/, registration online for the opening of a new gaming account, then make a money deposit and as soon as the crediting is confirmed selecting any of the games by choosing the "Play with real money" option.