Play roulette on phones and tablets

The undisputed queen of casino games, roulette, is available as a game for Android portable devices, iPhone and iPads.

In this case we are not talking about the common roulette themed applications that can be downloaded from the stores, but of Mobile roulette games offered by real internet messnull These games can be used both in free trial mode and betting real money. Needless to say, they are reserved for users who are over 18 years of age only.

Let's see what are the differences between the versions for mobile phones and tablets and where to find roulette tables for mobile devices.

Roulette mobile su smartphone (Iphone e Android)

Roulette games of the web applications of online casino have a very simple and clean graphic appearance, so as to allow better management of the episodes and the game in general on reduced size display.

In most cases, the table for the episodes is separated from the actual wheel: to go from to each other, it is enough to scroll through the finger on the screen. In this way the game structure is better organized and understandable.

Some mobile roulette tables have automated this step. At the beginning the player only sees the episode table, when the match starts the wheel is automatically displayed.

The versions of Roulette Mobile Live, currently offered only by Casino, give the opportunity to participate in the action on a real game table, through real -time video connection.

Here are some pictures of a roulette on a mobile phone:

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Roulette mobile su tablet (iPad e Android)

Playing roulette on tablet is more comfortable than doing it on a phone. The reason is the largest size of the display, which allows the display in the same screen of both the table for the episodes of the wheel.

There are no other substantial differences, if not a greater fluidity of play due to more performance hardware characteristics.

In which online casino playing to play mobile roulette

This list includes only the best mess approved by the team:

Casino Review Version Free Money
888 Mobile Europea, Live If not And
William Hill Mobile European And And
PaddyPower Mobile European And And
Starcasino mobile Europea, Live And And

Roulette applications: free and for money

What differentiates the applications of casino roulette from those of other software manufacturers (so to speak, apps that are commonly used on hand-head devices) is the game mode.

You can bet both virtual money and true money. In the first case, credits are free and there are no limitations of any kind. In the second case you must first recharge the game account. The winnings are in virtual money or in true cash depending on the mode chosen by the player.