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Snai Mobile shortly
  • Casino and Slots Playtech games
  • The famous Netet Touch games
  • Many "All-in-One" betting services
  • A little confusion with bonuses and navigation
  • Android 2.3 or higher system: tablet and smartphone (medium-high band)
  • Apple iOS 3.0 or higher system: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (some versions)
  • Windows and BlackBerry: not compatible with apps, to be verified with web version.

Review of the Snai online casino for Android and iPhone/iPad: our test

Vote: 8/10
Bonus: 7
Games: 8
Slots: 8
Graphics: 8

This evaluation concerns only the mobile version via the web of the Snai casino. For more information, you can read the General review of Snai.

What are the bonuses of the Snai Mobile Casino

Understanding what are the bonuses dedicated to players who register for the mobile game service is not a simple thing at all.

A point in favor of the Snai casino is undoubtedly the large number of bonuses offered to users. A very high amount of promotions, however, risks creating confusion when the betting services are very numerous.

The new version of the Snai website, which offers casino games compatible with portable devices, has just been made available and it is still clear if the new mobile players can take advantage of the same promotions valid for those who record with a PC, that is The 10 $ no deposit bonus, the $ 1000 on the first deposit and other bonuses reserved for slot machines.
Since at the moment it is not clear how the Mobile Casino of Snai Gestici the bonuses, we can advise the interested parties to carry out the first registration in Snai using a PC, in order to guarantee access to all offers and only later to start Bet with a tablet or smartphone.

We will not fail to update you on the subject with more detailed information as soon as available.

More information on the Snai casino bonus

Roulette and video poker and blackjack tables

Owners of Android and iPhone devices can aim for roulette or playing video poker, as well as at Blackjack table.

By accessing the Casino di Snai through a portable device ( you can choose between a discreet variety of classic games optimized for the game game. Various versions of each game are available.

A small note to make concerns the availability of the games: the new Snai website allows you to view the list of all the games available in the mess, but not all are still optimized to work on iPhone and Android, which is why the number of tables really available is less than that shown.

Snai slots for Android and iOS

Snai Mobile offers a large number of playtech and Nete Touch slot machines slot.

There are dozens of slot games that Snai has made available in the new version of the casino reachable from portable devices. Among these we find the most successful titles of the Playtech platform and the brand new Netet Touch slots.

As in the case of classic games, also as regards the Slot Machines section ( it must be noted that all the games shown in the list some have not yet been made compatible with tablets and smartphones null So the number of slots really available is a little lower than the complete list visible once you enter the "slot" section of Snai Mobile.

Rendering graphics and performance

Functional graphics even if extremely simple and perhaps not very refined.

The graphic aspect of Snai Mobile is simple and functional, we could call it "essential". Navigation is intuitive and the games have the typical graphic quality of Playtech Mobile and Netet Touch products: excellent on any screen or device.

The loading of the games is fast and we have not detected problems during the game sessions. Some flaws are instead present in the graphic presentation of the site, with some areas overlapping the others and make navigation sometimes a little complex. However, these are trivial errors due to the fact that the introduction of the mobile version of the casino is very recent, which will probably be resolved in a short time.

More information about Snai Mobile

The Snai casino for portable devices accessible via the web is a development product that already offers more than acceptable quality, even if it suffers from some defects that can be solved over time after a period of initial "Rodaggio".

Snai has made many apps dedicated to individual games available, in addition to the new mobile casino (web app) (of which you find information in the following of the article). This makes us think that the goal on which the attention was paid was to make applications available for the various Apple and Android stores, as well as a real mobile casino accessible via the Internet.

Snai ultimately offers a complete, reliable and well -made mobile casino. The margins of improvement are however many and we are convinced that in the coming months we will see many news on this front.

Review of the Snai Mobile Casino of - updated to 6 December 2017

List of games and slot machines on Snai Mobile

  • Classic tables and card games: European roulette, single blackjack hand, red dog and others.
  • Video Poker: Jacks or Better.
  • Slot machines 5 rulli: olrere 20 tra slot playtech a slot nont touch.
  • Slot machines 3 rulli: Fish-o-Rama, Santa's Gift, Vacation Station, Chinese Kitchen, Club Night.

How to play in the Snai casino (with Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone)

These instructions are valid for the mobile version on the website, not for applications downloadable from the stores.

How to play for free or with real money:

  • Connect to the Snai website and access the "casino" or "slot" sections.
  • Select a game from the list by touching the screen.
  • In the window that opens choose one of the two available modes, the free one (without registration) or the one with money (requires registration).

The Apps of the Snai Casino

Snai has produced many applications dedicated to casino games compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android.

Apple systems applications (starting from the iOS 4.3 version) are available in the official Apple Store. Those for Android, on the other hand, are not available in the Play Store and can only be downloaded from the Snai website.

The peculiarity of these apps is that each of them is dedicated to a type of game. The positive aspect is that the graphics of each game is very accurate and fluid. The negative aspect is the need to download and install many applications if you are interested in different games.

List of AVV APP

  • roulette
  • BlackJack
  • 7 and a half
  • Hi Low
  • Games app: broom, burraco, 40 scale, 5 cards poker (even in multiplayer)