How to play video poker with smartphones and tablets

The "old" video poker relives a new youth on mobile devices such as Android tablet and smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

The video poker was one of the "bar" games that climbed to the limelight in the 90s, which lived another positive period in the last decade through online casinos.

By now relegated to a niche market for a few fans, the video poker could relive a new youth thanks to the game applications for portable devices.

What are the available versions and which online gaming operators offer it to their players?

The functions of the video poker in the "mobile" version

The video poker currently available inside the online casino in version for mobile device are quite simple: these are classic games to one handnull Those looking for games with multiple hands (up to 100) for the moment must settle for playing from a fixed station.

Despite the limitation on the number of hands, mobile video poker offer the functions commonly associated with this type of entertainment: in addition to choosing the value of the episode, players can select the number of episodes to be made on each hand, from 1 to 5. The greater the number of episodes, the more the value of the paid winnings increases.

For each winnings obtained it is also possible try the doubling or the means doublingnull In this case, a mini-game is accessed in which the player has to guess the color of a covered card extracted from a deck.

Among all the operators we have tested and reviewed, The only variant of video poker made available is that Jacks or Betternull Unfortunately, you will have to follow a little more to see other variants such as the Deuces Wild and the like.

Example of video poker on smartphones:

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Which casino offer the video poker for iPhone, iPad and Android

This list includes only the best mess approved by the team:

Casino Review Type Mani Free / Denaro
William Hill Mobile Jacks or Better 1 And and
PaddyPower Mobile Jacks or Better 1 And and
Starcasino mobile Jacks or Better 1 And and