The virtual casinos rejected in the test

The mess that are part of this "blacklist" have not been approved by the team: they are the ones who have obtained the worst assessments.

This means that they do not satisfy all those who, in our opinion, are the minimum quality standards for players. For each non -approved game site, the reasons for this choice are reported, which may concern the conditions of the bonuses, the assistance service or other aspects of primary importance.

It is important to specify that these casinos do not scam the players, they still have a regular AAMS license and comply with the rules in force on online gaming. We update this section constantly based on the changes made over time to the various American gaming sites.

Casino online Betway

As long as the bonuses are not satisfied, it is impossible to make any withdrawal.

Deposits. You are assigned a bonus. The bonus has high requirements that prevent you from withdrawals. Even if you win, you can't collect. Consequentially, The bonuses are not advantageous.

Recommended only for those who play by refusing the bonus (ing assistance), both online and from mobile.

Casino online 32Red

If you play with the bonuses, it will be almost impossible to be able to win something concrete.

Conditions on absurd bonuses make the welcome offer far from advantageous. Rejected on the bonuses, promoted for the rest.

Fortunately, the bonuses are not automatic, but they must be requested by the players. Don't do it.

Information for Casino operators

The assessments of the game services are carried out based on the guidelines that we consider most appropriate (which you can read here).

If the casino you represent is on this list and you believe that the information reported is not correct, for our oversight or because changes and conditions have been made, we ask you to send us a notification through the form.

However, we want to clarify the following: we do not agree to change the assessments of the casino unless the conditions highlighted for the players change.

Why a ranking of non -approved operators?

For us at the user is at the center of attention. As it is right to highlight the positive aspects of a game platform, it is equally correct to highlight the negative ones. Our Blacklist, if we can define it in this way, aims to warn players on potential problems in certain virtual rooms, it does not matter if this means having to reduce the number of positive reviews on our portal!

Obviously we were forced to put the magnifying glass on the most negative aspects, in order to attract the attention of our visitors on the problems of greatest importance. As previously said in any case, all the mess in this list are legal and comply with the standards provided for by current regulations: therefore they are not a mess that implement scams, but simply of poor game services from a few point of view.

The evaluation is obviously subjective, even if we have tried to take into account what can be the most important aspects for a player when interest to a mess on the internet. Sometimes the highlighted problem can still be circumvented, as in the case of the mess that have disadvantageous conditions on the bonuses, but in any case why to settle when there is better?