Casino who accept Postepay as a payment method

Postepay cards represent one of the users' favorite methods of users to play in the mess through the internet.

If you already know what it is and you want to see immediately in which game sites to use this payment method, Go immediately to the list of casino with postepay.

The simplicity of use and low cost of prepaid and rechargeable Postepay and Postepay Evolution (Visa Electron circuit, issued by the American Post Office) made this payment system one of the most used online, also in the world of betting.

In addition to the practicality in carrying out deposits and collection, Postepay cards have the advantage of allowing a more conscious management of the balance: since it is a recording card it is easier to keep under control the money put into play and, above all, avoid spoving any limits self-set.

Using this type of prepaid card in online transactions is also very safe: Since these are rechargeable cards and therefore not connected to a real account, you can decide which amount to keep on the available balance.

Here is the list of casinos in which to withdraw and deposit with Postepay (only operators we have already tested and evaluated):

Operator Casino Postepay bonus Visit
Leovec And 1000 $ (4 deposits) Visit
Snai And Over 1000 $ Visit
Starcare And 1000 $ (4 deposits) Visit
Betfair And 1025 $ (25 $ free) Visit And 500$ (125%) Visit
Starvegas And 300$ (100%) Visit And 200$ (200%) Visit
WILLIAM HILL And 1000$ (100%) Visit
Titanbet And 1000$ (400%) Visit
Betway And 1000 $ (3 deposits) Unapproved
bidder And 160$ (320%) Unapproved

Further information on the use of prepaid cards in the mess

Advantages and disadvantages of the use of prepaid post office cards to play online.

Simple and safe payments

It is no coincidence that the postepays are the most used cards for deposit and withdrawal operations in the mess: they are safe and easy to usenull By now practically all the best mess on the web accept this method for top -ups and collection. Here are the main advantages:

  • Being debit cards (and not credit cards) they can only be used if the available balance is higher than zero. They are also not connected to a bank account. These two aspects make them very safe for online use.
  • They are part of the Visa Electron circuit, so they can be used in all virtual rooms that in the "Payments" section refer to "Postepay", "Debit Cards" or "Visa Electron".
  • Using a postpay in a mess is quick how to use any other credit card, in fact, are enough to enter the data shown on the card itself. The deposit operations are immediate, the samples much faster than traditional methods such as wire transfers.
  • They can be recharged very quickly online, at the post office or in the affiliated tobacco. From the post office website you can check the available balance at any time and the list of all the movements made.

For more information on Postepay, you can visit The official website.

It can be connected to an e-wallet system

If you have chosen an online room that does not accept Postepay, you can get around the problem using an e-wallet systemnull For example, you can record your rechargeable card on Paypal and then use the latter for real transactions.

This method works practically always and generally has no additional costs. The level of security would also be increased, because in case of problems an extra "layer" would be present.

Charging limits and commissions

One of the aspects that can be negative for some concerns the charging limits: The maximum balance of the conventional postepay is $ 3000, with a limit of top -ups in the calendar year of $ 50,000.

If this is certainly not a problem for casual gamers, it could be for players who make many transactions or for high-roller, who move rather high amounts. The use of the new Postepay Evolution can eliminate these limitations.

Another thing to keep in mind is the commission applied to the charging of the card: $ 1 to the post office, $ 2 at the affiliated tobacco. This only in the event that the owner will deposit money, because most of the online casinos pay the winnings also including the commission.

Beware of scams and phishing

Precisely because it is a widely used payment system to play and bet, the Postepay card is often the target of scams and phishing attemptsnull Utitize your card on a game platform with AAMS concession shelves from most of the risks. Below is a couple of tips to safeguard the security of your money and personal information:

  • Play only in the casino approved by American legislation. There are many good foreigners, but the lack of control still puts you in a risk situation (what happened to the card data and information?). In addition, in USA the game is legal only if practiced through certain operators.
  • Always be careful of the promotions that come to you by e-mail, Phishing attempts through Spam are many. Check that the sender is really a mess in which you have already recorded a gaming account and that the text is in American and without grammatical errors.

Other payment systems

If you don't have a postepay or if you want to use other payment methods, you can check Who accepts Paypal e Who adopts Neteller.