Criteria for the drafting of online casino reviews and meaning of values

For the evaluation of online casino we examine 4 main parameters, which represent the discriminant between a quality service and a poor unconidive service to their players. Although the reviews contain information also outside of these areas, the evaluation is based on them.
Before continuing, we want to let you know that We keep the users' opinion in great consideration: if you have reports on the mess or suggestions to provide us, we would be grateful if you dedicated a few minutes to write us.

Here's what we take into consideration:

The vote assigned to each mess is an rounded average of the scores of the values examined if these are all positive (from 6 to 10). Otherwise, the vote is limited to a maximum of 5 out of 10 (even if the average is higher). Since we believe that players must be sure to bet their money on a quality service, the approval of our editorial staff is positive only if all the parameters considered have a sufficient evaluation. In other words, A single serious lack is enough to end up in the "black list" of the uncomposed casinos.

Here are how the colors are used to indicate to users on what is better to pay attention. Green indicates that there are no problems, yellow that there is something to consider and red that there is something wrong and is serious. Note that the yellow coloring is assigned only to positive votes.

Green: no problem

Yellow: Well, but with reserve

Red: maximum attention!

Finally, how the awards are assigned:

  • Approved: an online casino that has obtained a positive and sufficient evaluation in all important aspects.
  • Not approved: a game site that has at least a defect on which it is not possible to settle.

Are the bonuses advantageous?

On what is the vote for bonuses:

  • Presence of no deposit bonuses
  • Maximum amount and percentage of bonuses
  • Methods and times of accreditation
  • Applied conditions and constraints (Playthrough)
  • Percentages in the games contribution table

If it is red

The bonuses prevent the withdrawal of the winnings also made with the money deposited, too restrictive constraints or other serious problems.

Are the games of quality?

On what is the vote for games:

  • Professionalism of the games software manufacturers
  • Delay in updating the offer compared to availability
  • Presence of information and instructions on the proposed games
  • Live games offer and games compatible with tablets and smartphones

If it is red

Software manufacturers deemed fraudulent, non -existent updates or other serious problems.

Are there conditions on withdrawals and payments?

On what is based on the vote for withdrawals and payments:

  • Presence of conditions and constraints on withdrawals
  • Number of withdrawal methods available
  • Speed in making payments of the winnings
  • Ease of withdrawal for players

If it is red

Types about too strong samples, impossibility of withdrawing winnings or other serious problems.

What is the general quality level

What is based on the vote for assistance and usability:

  • Available ways to Casino operators (chat, email, telephone)
  • Competence of operators and speed resolution speed
  • Simplicity in the use of the game program or the navigation of the site
  • Other factors that can affect the player's experience in the casino

If it is red

Lack of responses from assistance, communication absent in case of blocking/closing of the account or other serious problems.