The correct attitude towards the game

In this post we will try to give some advice on the correct behavior to be adopted towards the game, making particular reference to the theme of online casino.

When it comes to money bets, it is not easy to understand what the border line between recreational and problematic game is. When the signals of a pathological problem begin to manifest itself it means that the problem is already present and must be solved.

What we propose to do is to provide some tips to prevent this situation, because the easiest problem to solve is the one that does not present itself.

Being winning does not only mean winning money. It also means knowing how to control, knowing your limits and knowing how to accept losses.

Always, always, always informed

Most of the problems related to the game can originate from a lack of adequate information on the potential economic and/or psychological risks to which you can meetnull Since it is easy to be dragged by deceptive messages of safe winnings, from misleading advertisements and in general by unclear communications, we recommend that you always dedicate some time to evaluate the real chances of winning (the legal online casinos authorized by AAMS always publish these data) and to read the regulations and conditions of the betting services you intend to use.

Why play: positive motivations

The game (in online casinos or in any other form) can be a playful and recreational activity, pleasant and without negative effects, as long as the reasons that push to play can be considered "right"null This is the case of those who approach the game considering it a hobby, like other recreational or relaxing activities, which have a second floor importance compared to other aspects of life (family, work, friends etc.).

Why play: negative motivations

When the game is considered an escape route from problems or a way to make money quickly, it should not be absolutely practicednull First, the problems are solved by facing them, not practicing an activity wrong or immoderately just to avoid thinking about anything else or because they are depressed and dissatisfied. Second, gambling exposes the risk of incurring money, so it is not an activity suitable for those with financial problems.

How much is played: adequate amounts

We only have to play how much we are willing to losenull It is not possible to say absolutely what a "adequate" amount of money is to be dedicated to the game, because this can vary from person to person. However, always ask yourself the question, "how much money would I be willing to lose?" First to start playing. Think well of what your limits are, always keeping in mind what are the priorities of your life, evaluating the risks you meet compared to the chances of winning.

A simple method to keep the amounts played under control is to keep a small diary updatednull Whenever you play in an online casino, noted what is deposited, how much played, how much won or lost and how long you have played. In this way it will be much easier to have a clear idea of the resources intended for the game.

How much you play: exaggerated amounts

Never play more than you can affordnull If we consider the game as a recreational activity or a hobby, it is clear that it must never be dedicated to it reserved for much more important things. Never put your well -being or that of your family for game activities.

How to play: correct attitude

Always maintain a rational attitude: Evaluating your budget, imposing preventive limits and keeping the time dedicated to the game under control are all behaviors that help to correctly manage the behavior towards the game. Make up limits as it is to the time of play and money bet as if they were "mantra" not to be violated for any reason.

How to play: wrong attitude

Avoid being impulsivenull Do not take into account how much already bet, losing the cognition of the time and wanting to recover any losses suffered can lead towards a negative spiral from which it can be difficult to go out. Decide how much and how to play before starting to aim and firmly follow these decisions.

This information represents our personal opinion on the topic treated and do not have direct specialized medical support. However, resources published by reliable sources have been integrated to our experience.