Temporarily or permanently limit the game activity

Autolimitation and self -exclusion are two concepts that do not only concern problematic players. Knowing how to give the right importance to gambling towards other aspects of life is a behavior that everyone should keep.

As we have said more and several times, gambling must be considered a recreational and fun activity to which to dedicate the right resources in relation to the most important aspects of each individual's life.

Spend more time with the family, with friends, giving their best at work and practicing sports or hobbies are already behaviors that include an autolimation towards the game.

If you realize that your relationship with the game is becoming problematic, not to remain passive. Actively act in order to occupy your time and stay as far as possible from the temptations of gambling, be it online or not.

If you are a player who uses betting platforms on the web or online casinos and realize that you have gone beyond the limits, you can also actively act in another way: by activating a period of self -exclusion from any online gaming activity.

How to self -lock yourself from the game in online casinos

All online casinos with AAMS certification allow their users to self -examine in a partial or total way from the game activity. If you think you have a problem, you should face it with your head held high and evaluate this opportunity.

To proceed with the self -exclusion from an online casino or from a distance betting service, just follow one of the links that report the wording "self -exclusion" or the assistance service and request the activation of this procedure.

There are two ways of self -exclusion, the temporary and permanent one. In case of temporary exclusion (from 1 day to 12 months) the player cannot deposit on the game account or bets until the established term is reached. In case of permanent exclusion, the account will remain suspended until a written request for re-activity is made, but in any case not before 6 months. If the player has recorded different game accounts with multiple operators, he must proceed with the self -exclusion for each of them.

It is possible to revoke self -exclusion following a procedure that entails sending a request accompanied by an identity document (in the event of an indefinite exclusion must pass at least 6 months). In the event of temporary exclusion at the end of the period chosen by the player, the self -exclusion decays automatically.