Support organizations for problems related to gambling

The first step to solve the game problems is to talk about it. Here is a list of specialized organizations that offer free help to those with gambling problems.

Being able to talk about your own problems related to the game, or those of a family member, can prove to be very difficult. Some individuals manage to do it with their family or friends, others prefer to do it with people they don't know, through Organizations that deal with providing help in a completely free and anonymous way.

Some of these organizations operate mainly through the web and allow those who feel the need to obtain almost immediate support. Their task is to inform 360 ° about the risks related to the game. For this reason, not only people who think they have game problems can them, but also individuals who have the desire to deepen these topics (for example parents who intend to protect their children from the risks related to the game).

Here is a list of organizations that provide specialized online support to which to quickly and freely:

  • portal created by Federserd with the support of some of the greatest American operators and AAMS, contains all the resources necessary to understand, prevent and solve the problems related to the game.
  • Gambling Therapy: online support tool for all problems related to the game. It makes available online a team of experts who with whom you can get in touch immediately via Live Chat, forum or e -mail.
  • portal of the anonymous players' association, contains useful s to request help with ludopathy problems.

Here below some documents on the gap, the pathological gambling:

  • National Plan for GAP prevention (Pathological Game) in PDF format, by the Ministry of Health.