What the two different approaches to gambling lead to

The infographic on the responsible game that we share with our users shows two different paths that represent the consequences of the game according to the attitude with which the players relate to it.

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This infographic initially provides some statistical data on the number of American players and on the percentages of them for which the game is problematic.

But the real goal of this project is to show what are the behaviors and attitudes that lead to a type of safe and controlled game, comparing them with those that inevitably lead to a relationship with problematic or compulsive gamble. 6 evaluation criteria were chosen:

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The reasons for which you play

The first step towards a type of responsible game undoubtedly depends on the reasons behind our interest in the game. Playing or betting for the simple taste of doing it, to have fun or to spend some time trying some small thrills are all common motivations among the conscious players. On the contrary, approaching the game to solve some type of problem is not a wise choice, this can induce to bet in a reckless way. Here are those that can be considered "healthy" motivations and those that can bring "on the bad road":

  • Fun
  • Hobby
  • Recreational relaxation
  • Recovery of debts
  • Easy earnings
  • Flee from problems

The psycho-physical state

Gambling is an activity from practice in an optimal mental and physical state. Having full control of your game activity cannot be separated from having full control of your emotional state. We must also avoid playing if under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind. Here are the psycho-physical states that can be considered correct or not when playing:

  • Tranquality
  • Lucidity
  • Positive mood
  • Depression
  • Alcohol effect or drugs
  • Bad mood

Information or disinformation

Being aware of what it means to play of gambling, what are the economic risks that run and know what the real proactability of winning are the foundations of moderation. In relation to the game in online casino it is also important to know the regulations used by the operators and the conditions applied to bonuses and promotions. Believing "rumors" and confidence in betting systems that promise too much are bad examples of sources of information. Here's what to take into consideration and what to avoid:

  • Real probability of winning
  • Reading regulations
  • Conditions on promotions
  • Fraudulent betting systems
  • Misleading
  • Frenzy of playing

Awareness of risk

Being informed leads us to have full awareness of what the gamble means. An awareness that is based on the calculation of acceptable risk and on rational episode methods. Having the certainty of winning or being too impulsive are the first signs of a loss of control. What does it mean to be aware?

  • Calculate the risks
  • Play rationally
  • See an unstoped reality
  • Be sure to win
  • Play with impulsiveness
  • Distort reality

Game control

"Control" is the fundamental word for those who intend to conduct a moderate and responsible game activity. Do not have control of itself inevitably leads to potential pathological problems, with everything that follows. Here's what to do and what not to do to maintain control:

  • Choice of a limited budget
  • Evaluate losses
  • Have cognition of the game time
  • Playing too high amounts
  • Follow the impulse to continue
  • Play for too long

Result: winning or loser?

A winning player is not the one who takes home a cash win, but the one who plays responsible in a responsible way meant that the game never turns into a problem, always keeping in mind what are the important aspects of life. Here is what a responsible type of game can lead to and what the problems deriving from an uncontrolled game are:

  • Good relationships with family and friends
  • No working problem
  • Regular life
  • Serious social problems
  • Frustration and anger
  • Ruined life