Tips for the prevention of gambling for children under the age of 18

Gambling is an activity absolutely reserved for individuals who have turned 18 years of age. The risks related to the minors game are much greater than those who exhibit adults. So how to prevent minors from getting in touch with gambling, even online?

Online casinos equipped with a regular AAMS license implement some security measures that aim to exclude minors from the game activity.

These preventive measures provide for the majority declaration by users intent on registering, also through the date of date of birth, tax code and other data or documents that may prove the real age of users (these data are compared in real time to the moment of registration with a national database precisely in order to prevent registration with individuals who have not turned 18 years of age).

However, these measures are not sufficient to eliminate the danger that minors can get in touch with online gambling. The potential risks for minors are very dangerous, which is why prevention is extremely important.

Some tips for the protection of minors follow from activities related to gambling in general and gambling on the web in particular.

Tips to protect minors

  • Educate your children on the potential economic and psychological risks related to the game in all its forms.
  • Check or limit access to the minors network in your family. There are also some programs for PC, tablet or smartphone that can inhibit access to betting sites and web betting platforms.
  • If you think that a minor in your vicinity may somehow be attracted to the game, do not leave the credit card credentials or other payment methods available.
  • If you are players, even occasional, avoid leaving the accounts on the game sites open, always making a logout and closing the page before leaving the device from which you connected unattended or in the hands of a minor.
  • Avoid leaving any paper sheets or electronic documents on the reach of minors under 18 years of age on which access data to game systems are saved, such as username and password.
  • Make sure you have not set the automatic use of username and password in the browser or browsers you use for online gaming platforms. You can proceed with the cancellation of the entire chronology in case of doubts (including access data to the sites visited).