How the live blackjack works online and how to play

Many online casino make players of live blackjack tables available to players. But what does Blackjack live and how can you play?

Blackjack is the most interesting game of live messnull Being a real and not virtual version, the tables do not have a prefixed payout: the chances of winning are the same as a playroom in the area.

It can be focused following the action from a camera placed on the game table, interacting with it through a virtual interface and observing what the Mazziere and the other players "sitting" at the same table do.

The video showing the room to the players is live and the confirmation of this is given by the fact that the Mazzieri interact with the players using their nicknames. The change of decks is also broadcast live, without interruption.

How live blackjack works in online casinos

On the one hand the player, on the other, a real mess. How does the magic that allows you to bet at a distance?

The game software made available by the casino allows the player to view one streaming transmission showing the Blackjack table chosen to play.

Through a graphic interface superimposed on the video, users can decide the game as if they were sitting at the table, pressing buttons instead of speaking directly with the Mazziere. It is possible to place the chips for the episode, decide which action to undertake, see what the other players are doing and read the complete report of the game.

The cards used are different than the classic ones: they are larger, so that players can distinguish them clearly and have a imprinted bar code. When the Mazziere extracts the cards from the door-door to distribute them, they pass face down on a bar code player. In this way the system is able in a few moments to automatically calculate the hands of the hands and load the correct amount of money on the balance of the winners.

It should be noted that the privacy of the players is respected: the video flow is one -way (the casino staff cannot see the players) and the nicknames used are chosen by users when connecting with the rooms.

Finally, it should be noted that The live game mode always requires bets with real money.

Live Blackjack tables available

With the increase in appreciation against this particular game mode, the variants of Blackjack live have become more and more numerous to choose from. The available tables usually differ in:

  • Minimum and maximum episode limits, for example from $ 1 to $ 100 or from $ 5 to $ 500.
  • Language and genre of the Mazziere: it is possible to choose a male or female croupier.
  • Variant of the rules and number of decks used.

How to play Blackjack live online

To play live blackjack you need a PC or smartphone with a good connection to the network. To access the live version of a casino, proceed as follows:

  • Choose an operator offering a game service or promotions based on preferences.
  • Register and make a cash payment on the game account.
  • Open the "live" section of the casino and select one of the tables available.
  • Once the loading has been completed, it can be focused as in a real game room.