Blackjack: Table of conduct to beat the bench

Blackjack is a mess game in which the strategy matters. We offer you a table valid for all types of Blackjack which aims to minimize the margin of the counter, using mathematics to beat the counter.

Blackjack is the only game at the green table in which the chances of the counter and the player are almost on an equal footing, both in traditional gaming halls and in online casinos. This allows you to adopt behaviors based on functioning mathematical strategies.

Using a good strategy in Blackjack allows you to minimize the bench advantage to the minimum, leading it to values that oscillate around 1%. However, this value can change according to the casino and the chosen game variant.

What we propose on this page is a good one Basic strategy that adapts well to all types of blackjacks, even online, since it does not take into account the cards already out but only of the mathematical probability. It is a table of conduct that highlights the most correct statistically correct action based on the value of the player's hand.

Before continuing, we immediately highlight some important aspects to consider:

  • The bench is strongly benefited because it is the last to speak, that is, it awaits the player's decision before making an action. This is compensated by some factors: the desk must ask for paper for lower or equal to 16 scores and stay for scores of 17 or higher. In other words, or reaches at least 17, or sweep up.
  • The calculation of the probability must be carried out in dependence on the number of decks put into play. It can be said that fewer decks benefits the playernull A substantial difference between traditional casino and online casino must be taken into consideration: in the first the used cards are set aside to the change of decks, in the seconds after each hand all the cards are shuffled. However, this does not impial decisively on the calculation of probability.

Strategy to beat the desk: basic behavior table

To view the strategic table for the blackjack we make enough Click on the imagenull Alternatively, you can use the alternative version presented lower.

All the possible values of the player's hand are shown on the left column, divided into 3 categories: simple scores, pairs of equal cards and hands in which there is an ace. In the upper part, on the other hand, the possible scores of the descended card are listed.

The method to follow to interpret the table is very simple and recalls the naval battle. Just crossing the line equivalent to the player's hand with the column of the mazziere discovery card to find out what is the most correct mathematically move.

The values indicate the following actions: paper and stay do not need explanations, Double indicates a doubling (Double Down) and Split indicates the division of a couple.

As you can see, the combination of an ace with any value card 10 is missing. In this case you have made a blackjack, there is no need to adopt any strategy!

Let's see for completeness what are the probability of bouncing the counter according to the value of the discovery card (if the bench bid the player automatically wins), one of the parameters taken into consideration to process the table:

  • 2: 35%
  • 3: 37%
  • 4: 39%
  • 5: 41,5%
  • 6: 42,3%
  • 7: 26,2%
  • 8: 24,5%
  • 9: 22,8%
  • 10: 21,2%
  • A: 11,5%

Side bet e blackjack online

A note regarding the table: as you can see, no indication appears as regards "insurance". This type of bet is not even taken into consideration because in this case the probability in favor of the counter grows enormously. Simply, you must never focus on insurance.

The indications provided here are based on the use of "mathematical hope" for the calculation of probability, therefore represent a guideline from a purely statistical point of view. To obtain a real advantage on the counter, many other aspects must also be taken into consideration, which we will deal with in another article. If you are thinking about counting cards we have to disappoint you: this practice is mathematically correct and advantageous for the player in the long run, but it is prohibited in all traditional mess.

In online casinos, on the other hand, it is impossible to put into practice, because as mentioned above, deck cards are shuffled after each hand.

This is not a system to win for certainly to blackjack!

The system exposed is to be interpreted as a generic method to have a greater chance of beating the house in the Blackjack game. However, following this method does not guarantee a cash win over time.

As far as the advantage can be reduced, in fact, it is always necessary to take into consideration the fact that a margin always remains, unless we are samples in the count of the cards. And the luck is not to be forgotten.

There are dozens of other variations in this basic strategy that can be used with valid results. Remember, however, that the rules of the blackjack tables can be different and therefore some game systems can be more or less effective in dependence on this.