Calculation of probability for the various hands of the Baccarat game

In the margin baccarat reduced to 1.3%, the hand of the counter wins statistically more but a commission is applied. A really simple game, perhaps the easiest to understand and play among all those in which the cards are used.

Baccarat is one of the gambling games in which the counter has a very reduced profit margin, equal to about 1.3%.

Baccarat is an extremely simple game in which it is possible to place only 3 types of episodes and for this reason it is also very simple to perform mathematical calculations on the results of the statistically predictable matches.

The calculation of the probability on the possible outcomes of the hands leads to the following mathematical result:

  • 44.62% is the probability that the player's hand is winning.
  • 45.85% is the probability that the player's hand is loser.
  • 51% is the percentage that indicates the possible winning result for the hand of the counter.
  • 9.53% is the reduced probability of a tie (tie) between the two hands.

The first observation that can be done by analyzing these data is that It is never convenient to bet on the tie: although in this case the win is paid 8 to 1, the probability of exit are very low and a commission of about 14% applied by the casino on the winning must also be considered. Baccarat experts never place their episodes on the draw for these reasons: those who know how to play Baccarat bets or on the hand of the counter or on that of the player.

The bets on the hand of the counter and the hand of the player pay 1 to 1 winnings, but in the case of bet on the hand of the winning banker is applied a commission on the win, generally 5%. The bet on the bench hand therefore actually paid 0.95 to 1. Be careful: the gain of the house for this game depends almost exclusively on this commission, Always choose an online casino that applies the lowest percentage possiblenull On the single blow you may also not realize the difference, but in the long run a too high commission will make you feel.

Here are the values of the average of the margin of the house for the American Baccarat:

  • 1.29% on the player's hand.
  • 1.01% on the hand of the counter (commission on 5% win).
  • 15.75% on the draw.

For Baccarat there is no mathematically demonstrated system that allows you to get winnings constantly over time. Having said that, the reduced bench margin has made it possible to study and create optimal betting methods that reduce the "fortune of luck" necessary to obtain winnings over time. Almost all the strategies designed for this game have the main purpose of regaining the losses suffered.

In fact, it is no coincidence that baccarat is one of the favorite games from those who participate in Vivo casino tables.

Systems used in Baccarat

Here is a small summary of the most used methods in Baccarat:

  • System 1-3-2-6: indicates the number of units to be bet in the event that consecutive winnings are obtained. It starts from the beginning of the series in case of loss. In this way, two units are lost for each series in case of loss.
  • Alembert system: method that allows you to compensate for the losses suffered progressively. Born for Roulette but applicable to all games that include episodes at equal probability.
  • Avant-Dernier system: the system consists in the betting congruently with the outcome of the last two rounds, if these have had the same result. If the sequence of the last 3 shifts was Banco, player, player, the system recommends betting still on the player.
  • Martingal system: very popular betting system for many games, consists in doubled the bet in case of loss to return to an equal footing. It is one of the most risky and worst systems used ever.