The winning chances are the same with money paid and bonus

When playing in online casinos with real bonuses or money, the probability and percentages of winnings are generally the same.

A very simple answer to a question that several players ask themselves, believing that there is a substantial difference in the probability of winning the online casino games in the event that the episodes are made with the bonus money rather than with the real money paid.

In reality, apart from some possible rare exceptions, focus in games with the bonus balance or with the royal balance makes no difference, as the RTP (i.e. the return to the player's winnings) of slots, green tables and other games is always the same.

The only possible exception concerns those online casino in which the game session with "Fun" or "game" type bonuses, that is, subject to betting requirements and generally offered even without deposit, is separated from the main game session by means of the access to another area of the casino.

In this case, in fact, it could happen that the percentages of winning the games are different in the two sessions, as happens in practice for the Games with real money and those in a demonstration version (the seconds usually more generous!).

What perhaps the least experienced players can deceive is the regulation usually linked to the casino bonuses. In the event that you have a real bonus, this is used in all respects as true money for the bets and the winnings made with it can be taken precisely due to the absence of constraints and conditions. In the case of a fun bonus or a game bonus, subject to betting requirements, there are limitations that may concern the volume of the game to be generated to convert the real cash bonus, the utmost amount that can be used or the types of game in the which one can bet.

For more information on this particular aspect, we refer you to reading one of ours Article on the requirements of casino bonuses.

Excluding limitations and constraints envisaged by the regulation of online casino, we can therefore say that in general there is no difference in the probability of winning if you bet with real money or with bonus funds.

There is therefore no tendency of operators to encourage users when they play with the free credit because they are subject to constraints, making them believe they can get great winnings, and then "brush them" when they start using real money. To confirm this, the fact that by law operators must publish on their websites the complete list of RTP values of all games: if there were differences, most likely they should be published more lists for each game mode.

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