Games pay more when you focus with fake money

If you think that the probability in the casino games in version with real money are the same as those of the games in the "virtual money" version ... be careful!

One of the most interesting aspects of online casinos, compared to the royal rooms in the area, is to be able to "test" games with a virtual currency. The so -called "fake money" therefore allow players to try the various tables or slot machines offered by a game site without using real money and therefore without risking, in the so -called demo mode.

The same games found in theaters online are often available in a demonstration version also on specialized portals on the topic and on the official websites of the software producers who developed them (an example can be found here:

Although the game mode with virtual money is as already said without economic risks compared to the game with real money, You have to pay attention to a - not negligible - particular: very often the chances of winning in the two bets are differentnull In particular, they are higher when playing for fun with fake and lower money when you bet with real money.

This difference is not to be considered in itself a malice. If we take, for example, the Netent website mentioned above, it is obviously possible that the percentages of winning the proposed slot machines are high to allow interested parties to better evaluate all aspects of the proposed game, having a greater chance to activate the free spin o The other bonus functions. It is not a problem also for all those users who intend to have fun at the casino tables without the thrill of risk, using them in practice as if they were simple video games.

However, you have to be careful and keep this done in mind before betting true money. In this case, the danger is that a user, trying a demo's casino game game, is convinced of the simplicity with which he manages to obtain the winnings to the point of risking then too high sums by really betting, erroneously thinking that the chances are definitely to his favor. The situation that can be created is in fact the following:

  • The player accesses an online gaming platform and try a game with virtual money.
  • The player gets very high winnings and decides to deposit and really bet in the same game, perhaps on another platform.
  • Convinced of the high probability in his favor and unaware of the differences that can be there, the player begins to focus strong in the belief - wrong - that sooner or later a win as the one obtained by playing the demo version must certainly arrive.
  • At this point the player risks losing much more than what "reasonable" could be considered.

Know with certainty what are the differences in probability in Demo version casino games And in real version it is practically impossible, especially for the fact that each demo version could be set differently depending on the site from which you access it. What is possible to do instead is to know the payout value of money games and choose the best place to bet on the basis of this information.

So remember not to fall into temptation: if by aiming with virtual money you are very lucky, keep in mind that you may not be just as betting with your money!