The free matches to the slots always pay ... or not?

Winning with the free spins, free toy play, is the goal of many players. But how many chances of succeeding are?

Free spins are the dream of every online slot enthusiast: seeing the rollers that turn alone, without "consuming" the balance, according to the winning winnings, perhaps with the help of multipliers or other bonus functions. All very nice, of course, but what are the chances of getting free spins? And which ones to actually get an "important" win?

So let's try to answer some questions about the free spin, asking reference only to free matches that can be obtained during the games at slot games, thus excluding all the free games provided as a bonus or promotion to the players.

1) What are the free spin or rpm?

Free spins represent a mode of operating some online slot machines, during which the player is not scaled credit from the balance to run the rollers. In this way "nothing is lost", you can instead accumulate a series of winnings.

In most cases, moreover, The free laps are somehow enhancednull Impossible to make a list of possibilities, as in each slot game the regulation for free matches can change. Generally you can have multiplied winnings (sometimes up to 10, 20 or 50 times), increase in the number of winning lines, insertion of joker symbols on the rollers or more.

However, there are two characteristics common to all slots: the first is that the value of the episode is the same as the episode that originated the rpm for free , the second that the free spins must be activated by obtaining a particular combination of symbolsnull And here we come to the second question.

In this article, therefore, we only deal with free laps that can be obtained in-game during the games and not of the free spin offered as part of an enrollment bonus.

Here are some mess that offer slot machines with free spin:

2) What is the probability of getting them?

Here is the core of the matter. Unfortunately there is no way to calculate in a mathematical way the chances that the combination of symbols necessary for the activation of the free spins is presented to the player.

Being virtual games based on an RNG algorithm, it is not possible to calculate the positions of the symbols on the rollers as it could be done with a classic mechanical slot (here an example). And even an empirical test would make little sense, because in theoretical free laps could never start, as well as to start several times in the same session. We have tried anyway and in general we can say that, making a series of 100 episodes, On average in 40% of cases we got the free spinsnull But be careful: if we now repeated the same test, we could get a completely different probability!

3) Can you win considerably?

Yes, you can get great winnings, but you have to keep in mind the fact that you could not even win a good thingnull This depends on an infinite number of different variables, including:

  • Is the number of rpm for free or variable? Tall or short?
  • Are the winnings always multiplied or not? Are the enhancements always active?
  • What is the amount of the episode that generated the free spins?
  • And finally, during the free matches, good winning combinations are obtained?

To give an example: theoretically receiving 20 free laps with a 10 -time winning multiplier is a much more favorable case than receiving 10 play with 3 -time multiplier. The possibilities of winning are greater in the first case, but it is not said that at the end of the games the winning is substantial or higher than in the second case.

Doing a practical test, In general 1 time out of 3 we received good winnings compared to the starting episodenull Be careful though, because even in this case it is a single test and luck could change for the better or worse if we tried again.

4) So, are the free spins a good thing or not?

There is no doubt that this game mode has its charm, also considering that practically all The new slot machines they are equipped. Seeing the slot that turns without "burning" money and being there to count the winnings is a good feeling, but it must be remembered that "free laps" does not mean "insured win".

The possibilities of putting a nice loot in his pocket with respect to the value of the episode made is and is concrete, as well as that of finishing the free session with a negligible or nothing win. What is certain is that the highest probability that a slot machine pays well you have during the free spin.

However, you must be careful not to play with the idea that sooner or later the free laps will make the balance fill, because on average 3 out of 10 players end with a win, so if you intend to bet at the slots, you don't risk anymore Of the necessary only to be able to start those much desired rpm!