At one or more hands, the video poker remains a classic of online game

The video poker has been a casino game now in vogue for many years. Although the structure that distinguishes it has never changed, the new versions offered by online casinos make it a still current game.

The video poker is perhaps the simplest game after the slot machines. The player's goal is to obtain the highest possible value possible by following an extreme simplification of the rules of American poker.

Being a virtual game with random extraction, the chances of winning depend on the payout value set by the casino in which the player decides to bet. This value is on average more than 95% and sometimes reaches 99%.

The available versions currently diversify for some details, but the basic rules are always the same:

  • The amount of the episode is decided: the amount of any winnings will vary according to this choice.
  • 5 discoveries are received at random as a first hand.
  • It is decided which of these tender cards and which one to discard (none, more than one or all).
  • You receive as many new cards as they have been discarded.
  • The score of the hand is evaluated: the better the combination and the greater the win, according to the scale of classic poker scores.

Video poker versions

The basic rules of the video poker are always the same: the game takes place in two phases, the first in which the player receives the cards and evaluates the potential and the second where he receives new cards instead of those possibly discarded.

However, the different versions of video poker currently available have some variable characteristics, such as the example of the value of some cards, the minimum score that produces a win and the number of hands that can be played simultaneously.

Among the versions of video poker certainly best known and widespread in the world of online game we find the "Jacks or Better" and the Deuces Wild.

The following is a brief description of the variants that can be found in the AAMS casinos:

  • Tens or Better: classic game rules, the minimum valid score for a win is a pair of 10.
  • Jacks or Better: same variant as the previous one, but the winning lowest score is a jack pair.
  • Deuces Wild: In this type of video poker the two are worth like Jolly. In this way it is possible to have hands with 5 equal cards. Compared to the others, the payment of the combinations is lower (it is easier to win).
  • Joker Wild: similar to the previous one, this version of video poker presents Jolly (Joker) as well as regular poker cards.
  • Video poker with variable number of hands: Each of the previous versions of the game is available to one or more hands, generally 5, 10, 25 or 100. Some of the most advanced games allow the player to select the number of hands to play at each game.

A valid strategy for playing the video poker Jacks or Better

The strategy that we present is a simple pattern of behavior that, based on the value of the initial hand cards, allows you to choose the best move in the video poker Jacks or Better, the most common variant of this online casino game.

After receiving the first 5 cards, you must evaluate which one is among the following the highest combination you have (from top to bottom) and discard the cards that are not part of it:

  • Color scale, real scale, poker
  • 4/5 of royal scale
  • Full house, color, scale or trio
  • 4/5 color scale
  • Double copy
  • Torque of jack or higher
  • 3/5 of royal scale
  • 4/5 of color
  • Low couple (10 or worse)
  • 4/5 of Scala
  • 2 cards of the same seed
  • 3/5 of Scala
  • 2 tall cards of different seeds (j, q, k, a)
  • A high letter (J, Q, K, A)
  • Discard everything

Let's take a practical example: our first hand contains the following cards: 3 ♣ J ♣ 5 ♣ Q ♣ J ♥.

According to the scale exposed previously, the first 3 best games would be in order:

  • Keep the jack pair.
  • Keep 4/5 color.
  • Keep two high seeds tall cards

In this case, the possible color is "sacrificed" to have a safe win with at least one pair of jacks, which could then evolve into a trio, a full or poker. This strategy is even more valid if you think you play a high number of hands, for example 100. Better 100 low -safe winnings than some high winning sporadic.

It is as you can see an extremely simple and easy implementation strategy, which is based on logical choices and on the value of the winnings associated with the various possible hands.