What to evaluate before choosing an operator to play with

In recent years, the number of legal virtual casino available for the gaming market in USA has grown a lot. Choosing an operator among the various available proposals can be complex. For this, here are some tips to make a conscious choice.

Design between gaming modes, bonuses offered, promotions and winning percentages and is not easy for those who enter the world of online game for the first time.

For this we have collected a series of tips to help in choosing the most suitable casino operator, providing general indications to let the player make his own assessments without being pushed in one direction rather than another.

1: Search for reviews and opinions

The starting point when approaching a new activity is to read opinions or reviews and online casinos are no exceptionnull Indeed, precisely because money is at stake, it is extremely important to know what the reputation of the various virtual gaming houses is. For this reason, we recommend reading both the reviews published by reliable and expert sources on the subject and the opinions left online by the players. In this way it is possible to get a fairly clear idea of strengths and weaknesses of the various online casinos and above all to avoid the game rooms whose reputation is not acceptable.

A small necessary note concerns the personal opinions left on the net by the players. Do not stop at the first reading, but deepen the topic. In fact, some assessments may not be truthful: angry players following a loss that are not able to accept could leave negative assessments when there is no reason, others could publish extremely positive impressions just because they have an economic interest in doing it. So look at multiple sources in order to have a general idea.

If you want to read our evaluations, you can do it in theList of reviews with evaluationnull Otherwise you can find Here more details on how to choose an online casino.

2: Use support and assistance services

All the game platforms on the web have a support service for the players: use it every time you need it, even if you are not subscribednull The best mess on the web provide an assistance service through an instant chat, which you can access for free even if you have not recorded an account. If you have any questions of any kind, do not have problems ing chat operators, who are usually very helpful and well prepared. It is the best way to get information without waiting times.

3: Read the conditions on bonuses and promotions

One of the most complex aspects to evaluate is the one concerning bonuses and promotionsnull What kind of bonus is it released? What are the conditions and betting requirements? Are these real bonuses or game bonus? The topic is quite large and if you want to deepen the details you can take a look at ours section on the casino bonuses.

The most important thing to check is whether the presence of the bonus blocks the withdrawals or not. In the first case, the bonuses should be avoided, because even in the event of a win it is not possible to collect until certain conditions are satisfied. If, on the other hand, the bonuses do not block the withdrawals, you can move on to evaluate the release method (immediate, gradual or postponed), the amount and the percentage. Casino Aams must publish the information about the bonuses regulations on the pages of their websites: just do some quick search to avoid all the information. If you are in a hurry, as previously said, you can the assistance service of a specific operator.

4: choose the access mode

Each game room on the web has various ways of access: online, via program to download and, in most cases, with mobile devicesnull Each access mode is different from the others and can also change the available games and the winning percentages. We always recommend the online version, it offers maximum compatibility with all devices, even mobile (in this case the games are less and less than the version for fixed platforms). In any case, you have more possibilities to choose from.

5: evaluate the probability of winning and the RTP

Let's start with the definition: the RTP represents the percentage of the money collected by the online casino through the bets carried out which is on average returned to the players in the form of winnings. By subtracting 100% the Art value of a game, the value of the casino gain margin for that game is obtained.

Let's take an example: if the RTP for a version of roulette is 98%, it means that the casino has a 2%margin. So if during the span of a month they were bet by all the players $ 100,000 in that game, $ 98,000 were returned as winnings and $ 2000 remained in the boxes of the online casino. The next image shows the Art value of an online casino for the various versions of Roulette (when drafting the article).

The question is: Can the RTP published by the mess can be used concretely to understand which games are the highest winning chances of winning? The answer is: yes and no.

Although this value gives an idea of the "quantity" of winnings that it is possible to achieve in a certain game, several "adverse" factors must be considered that make it more an indication than a fact of real usefulness:

1) The RTP is an average calculated on a previous time period. Knowing the percentage of the estimated winnings last month or on the entire useful life of the casino does not ensure certainties regarding its current value for many games. For slot machines, for example, it is not uncommon to see differences of 20% in consecutive months.

2) The games pay the winnings randomly and there are more and more related people at the same time. The system could collect losing bets of 99 players and return them to only 1, or divide them in a more or less fair way among all the players, in a completely random way.

3) The RTP does not give any information regarding the "quality" of the winnings. A 99% RTP for a game could translate into consecutive winnings of 99 units for every 100 betting units, as well as in no win for a single player, or in winnings of high amount for a single player and no win for others, with all possible changes in the case.

As we see, The percentage of return of the money collected in the form of online casino winnings represents an indication of "how much the casino pays" in generalnull It could be a parameter to be used for the choice of one mess rather than another, but it should not be understood as a fact for the individual player. In fact, it can happen to find games with RTP of 200%. Does this mean that if I play I certainly win double what I bet? Absolutely not, it only means that within a month the casino paid twice as much as collected by all the bets of all the players. Basically, it is not a guarantee of winning.

6: Try the games for free

The games represent the essence of each online casino. The offer of slot machines, casino games and live tables is extremely wide. The games offered by each virtual room vary on the basis of the software platform on which the casino itself is based (Netent, Playtech, Microgaming and others). Some game services are based on only one of them, others out of two or more. In most cases Players can try the games available in a mess for free, even without being subscribed.

You can then visit the websites of various virtual rooms and try many games and slots, free and without having to proceed every time to register. If you find a game particularly interesting, at that point you can limit the choice to the mess that propose it.

7: Know the terminology and the rules

Being informed is always the best way to prevent bad surprisesnull Reading the regulations and conditions is very boring, we do not question it, but necessary to fully understand the functioning of a mess. We do our best to report as many useful information as possible in the reviews, but all the players should prenovate vision of the regulations before playing.