Differences between the methods of access to online casinos

Not everyone knows that you can access online casinos in various ways: by downloading the program, directly online or on mobile devices.

In this guide we propose to analyze all possible methods of access to online casino platforms, explaining what are advantages and disadvantages of one compared to the other and what the most important differences.

The best operators allow access to game services in 3 different ways: by downloading and installation of dedicated software on PC, playing online without download through common navigation with a browser (Flash Casino) or using portable devices such as smartphone and tablet.

Casino with download to download and install

The mess with downloads provide that the user discharges and installs a dedicated program on their PC (the "game client"), through which it is possible to have access to all the features of the casino, from games, to account information, to money transactions.

This method of access is possible only for PC holders with Windows systems. The download is often quite full -bodied and you have to wait a few minutes for all the platform games to be downloaded. The installation takes place exactly as for any other PC program and Sometimes it is necessary to add an exception to firewall or antivirus if these try to block the connection with the game servernull Once the Donwload is finished, however, the loading is much faster and the best graphics than the other versions. The only negative aspect in this case is that some operators, who offer games and slot machines of different software producers, do not make all the games for the download version of the casino available, but only a part of them.

The registration procedures and subsequent access to the casino always take place through the installed software, without the need to visit the operator's website each time. The program can be uninstall at any time. In ours Reviews of online casino We have indicated which Casino also include this method of access to the game platform.

Example of a game client installed on PC:

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Casino in Flash (o con browser)

The game platforms can be commonly identified with "Flash casino" which can be accessed through normal internet browsing with web browser: go to the operator's website by browsing the internet as usual, you enter the Casino section and from here you have access to all the features of the casino, including games, complete management of the account etc.

This type of access guarantees maximum compatibility, because it can be used on any system for fixed or mobile devices, including Mac, Linux and mobile systems. The games are not installed on PC, but loaded "on the fly" in pop-up windows once the user decides to play. Waiting times are slightly higher than the download version, even if a lot depends on the connection speed.

A decidedly positive aspect is that the versions of the online casinos that can be used directly via the web offer all the available games (in the case of use of tablets and smartphones the available games will only be those compatible with these devices).

Example of a mess on web browser:

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Casino with mobile devices

Casino for mobile devices are a separate category, because the game services are very different from the versions for fixed stations. In general we can say that usually They can be used both through normal navigation and by downloading special appsnull The topic is vast, so we have created an entire Section dedicated to Casino for Mobile, which you can visit for more information on this specific topic.