Games and slot machines: which one to choose?

The beating heart of each online casino is represented by tables and slot machines. The offer is really wide, so we make an overview that guides you to discover the games currently available.

It is currently difficult to find an online casino that offers less than 50 or 60 different games. The most appreciated ones are obviously the classic tables and slot machines, but the latest news also include "arcade" games and card games such as briscola and broom.

In most cases, web gaming games are not developed by the mess. In fact, they rely on qualified international producers, who produce the software that gives life to the game platform.

It follows that the games available in a mess change according to the software (or software) on which the game room is built. The best known internationally are Playtech, NetEnt e Microgamingnull In USA the games produced by Novomatic (those of the slot rooms, so to speak).

Virtual casino games

Virtual casino games represent the transposition for the online gaming of the real tables of roulette, blackjack, dice and other classic gamesnull Practically every mess on the web offers a great variety of these games, in various versions that can differ from each other in graphic appearance, functionality and regulations. For example Roulette is available in a European or American version, single hand or multiple hands etc.

This type of games is especially suitable for that kind of players who love the strategy and the calculation of probabilities and which, in general, has a very rational attitude towards the game.

Here are some examples of classic casino games:

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Slot machines online

The most appreciated online casino games by most players are the slot machinesnull Suitable for a type of player who prefers to rely only on luck or play in complete relaxation without having to set up complex game strategies, the slot machines are the real attraction of the mess on the web.

Precisely for this reason, in recent years all types have been developed: classic 3 roller slots and a winning line, 5 rollers slot with 50 winning lines, slots that pay the winnings for cympecal symbols and slot combinations 3D. Modern games also include the possibility of winning free spin (i.e. free play), winning multipliers, very high grade bonus and jackpots.

Despite diversification in terms of functionality, structure and graphics, the slot machines follow the same operating principle: just play once to find out how they all work. To see in detail the reviews of the most famous slots, we refer you to our section on Slot machines online.

Here are some examples of modern slot machines:

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Live casino games

Live games allow players to connect live video with a real game room, managing the actions to be carried out through a graphic interface. This game mode is highly appreciated, because it allows you to get to the heart of the action by interacting with real staff, without having to play against a virtual bench.

The games of this type available are roulette and blackjack, sometimes even baccarat (the dice). It is not possible to play with virtual money, you can only really aim. For more information on the subject we refer you to the Live casino list.

Here are some screenshots taken from the live mess:

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