Bonuses and promotions at will: which one to choose?

One of the main aspects of the mess on the web is to constantly offer bonuses and promotions to its users, especially those just registered. But how do you evaluate the quality of a bonus?

The bonuses represent the offers made available by online gaming sites, in the form of "extra" money credits that are added to those really deposited, in order to have a higher balance available. There are various forms of bonuses: on deposits, no deposit and other special bonuses. Although many of these offers are advantageous or at least not disadvantageous, attention must be paid to the fact that it is not a matter of money given: each bonus and every promotion is always linked to a certain type of condition.

So let's see in a simple way what are the main parameters to be evaluated in the choice of bonuses, what are the most common accreditation methods and how to take advantage of these offers. In this guide we will do a quick overview that has information purposes, to know the promotions currently available we recommend you visit our section on Online casino bonus and the one on No deposit bonus of 2021 or to read the News on bonuses and promotions.

How to choose a bonus: parameters to evaluate

When evaluating an offer from an online casino, there are essentially 4 parameters to consider: the maximum amount, the percentage, the requirements (Playtrough, Wagering or betting volume) and the credit mode.

  • Bonus amount: represents the maximum amount in euros that can be paid in the form of bonuses. A bonus "up to $ 500" implies that the player will be able to receive at most $ 500 as an extra credit, regardless of the extent of the deposit.
  • Percentage of the bonus: indicates which percentage of the deposit value is taken into consideration for the calculation of the bonus amount. With a deposit of $ 100, a bonus with a percentage of 50% allows you to obtain another $ 50, one with a percentage of 200% allows you to obtain another $ 200 (up to the maximum permitted limit).
  • Requiri del Bonus: represent the conditions applied to the bonuses, usually in the form of a betting volume, sometimes also called Playtrough (abbreviated with "PT") or Wagering. It can be applied to the amount of the bonus or to that of the deposit, depending on the casino regulation. In practice, it indicates the total bet by the player, without taking into account the winning outcome or not of the episodes. Less this value is the better! For example, to unlock a $ 100 bonus with an episode of 20x, bioglia, create a bet volume of $ 100 * 20 = 2000 $.
  • Credit methods: The bonuses can be immediate, progressive or "gradual" release: the former are immediately available, the latter become it after meeting the requirements, third parties are unlocked in parts rather than at one time. Those available immediately have more unfavorable conditions than progressive ones.
  • Other conditions: Promotions can be applied to other conditions at the discretion of the online casino you have chosen. Pay close to avoiding the mess whose bonus block the sampling of if the requirements are not satisfied!

How to request a bonus

Requesting a bonus is quite simple, just read the terms and conditions published by each online casino for available promotions. In general, depending on the chosen game room, the bonuses can be requested in one of these 3 ways:

  • Automatic: The bonus is automatically activated, without the player having to carry out any action.
  • With bonus code: The bonuses of this type are activated by inserting, at the time of deposits, a special code. These codes are published in the pages relating to the promotions in progress.
  • Through buttons or assistance: some bonuses must be explicitly or through activation buttons, or by ing the casino operators via chat.

Is there a better bonus than others?

The choice of bonuses is very subjective. Some casinos have only one welcome offer, others offer different choices. The most suitable bonus for your profile depends only on your preferences: do you want to play it immediately? Or unlock it so as not to have constraints later?

What we can advise you is to always choose the promotions that provide for a bet as much as possible. If then the bonuses are real (i.e. without requirements), all the better! To deepen this topic we refer you to our article "Bonus reali Vs Game bonus".