The first top -up on a game site: here is the procedure

Players who want to bet with real money must first make a payment on the gaming account, an operation commonly called first deposit or first recharge.

In most online casinos after the first access to their account, the player is asked if this is willing to proceed with the first deposit: following the instructions provided, just a minute to start playing.

In other mess, or in the event that the player does not want to immediately pay, you must access the section of money transactions, which is usually indicated as "Cassa", "bank" or "deposits".

How to proceed with the first deposit: the instructions

Considering that money transactions are a fundamental part of the game activity, In each online casino the section to make payments and withdrawals is always in plain sight, practically all the pages of the website or in the game client windows.

To proceed with the first recharge you must then go to the appropriate section. Each online casino (and each version of it) has a graphic layout different from the others, for this reason you will have to sharpen the view a little and look for a button or a link that shows a label like "recharge", "payment", " Cassa "or similar.

To simplify your life, below you can see some examples. The last image also shows the sections available inside the "Cassa" section of a mess on the web (they are all quite similar also for different operators):

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Which payment methods to use

The choice on payment methods to be used varies from playing room to gaming room, but it is always very large: credit cards, prepaid, Paypal, other e-wallets, bank transfer and others. No commissions on deposits are applied, so you can choose the method for making the first payment according to your preferences, without worrying about any hidden costs.

The meotdi preferred by players as well as normal credit cards are Postepay, Paypal e Netellernull Choose what you prefer and enter the required data to proceed with the transaction. Remember that if you use a credit card and you have activated a system for the protection of online purchases, you will also have to insert the password you chosen for this service (through the safe pop-up of your banking institution, this password is not communicated to the operators of the casino).

Evaluate the welcome bonuses to choose the amount

The first deposit is very important for those who want to take advantage of the bonuses, because it is essentially linked to the highest bonus available, that is, the welcome one.

If you want to make the most of a welcome bonus, you must think well of what amount to deposit for the first time. Keep in mind that in 70% -80% of cases the welcome bonus is valid only for the first deposit. Consider having a bonus on the first 100% top -up up to $ 100:

  • If you deposit $ 100, receive a bonus of another $ 100.
  • If you deposit $ 10 and then 90 $, you will be assigned a bonus of only $ 10, because the second deposit is not considered.

This is valid only for promotions that include a first deposit bonus. Some casinos apply bonuses for the top 2 or 3 deposits, some also for the first week deposits. So be careful how you want to take advantage of the bonus. Obviously, consider your possibilities and deposit an amount that is within your reach, you are not forced to deposit $ 1000 only to have the maximum bonus, if this amount is too high for you. Remember, always responsible game!