Take the first steps in the world of online casino

Do you want to try playing in an online casino but you don't know where to start? We explain what it takes to take the first steps in the world of gaming through the internet.

In this introductory guide to online casino we will make a quick list of everything you need to start playing in an online casino for real money, recording a new account and opening a gaming account. Recall that each online room is different from the others and some aspects may differ. For this, we recommend reading the casino regulation before betting.

We would like to remember that the game for money is absolutely forbidden for children under 18 years old and that to have guarantees regarding security and reliability it is always good to practice the game activity on platforms that have obtained the AAMS concession.

1: devices and connection

If you are visiting this site, most likely you already have a suitable device to play in an online casino, whether it's a PC, a smartphone or tablet. The requirements of the mess on the web are within the reach of practically all modern devices.

To play online without downloading anything, just have compatibility with widespread technologies such as Java and Flash Player, to use the programs to download and install on PC, just a Windows operating system, any version.

The only real requirement is to have a broadband internet connection available, any type of ADSL or higher (or 3G/4G networks for those who connect from mobile) is fine).

2: Personal data and documents

As with all web services, before being able to play in an online casino it is necessary to complete a registration procedure.

So prepare a valid identity document and dust off your personal data to fill in the registration form. The entire procedure takes a few minutes and must only be carried out once. Don't worry, your personal information will be treated according to the rules in force on privacy.

Although it is possible to start playing the American legislation immediately provides that the players send a copy of their own identity document to the operators of the casino where they opened a gaming account. This must be done within 30 days of registration, otherwise the account could be suspended or closed. We recommend carrying out this immediately, to avoid problems and wasting future time. Copy of the document can be sent by e -mail or upload directly to the chosen casino website.

3: payment methods

Before being able to bet in games available with money, a deposit operation must be proceeded, i.e. a payment on the open account in the casino.

In order to pay the payments, the player must choose at least one payment method, that is, a type of service that allows the transaction. Generally online casinos accept many payment methods, including Postepay, Paypal, credit cards, bank transfer and many others.

Choose the payment method you prefer, in 99.99% of cases there are no commissions, so you can decide according to your needs. If you are doubtful about transactions safety, you can calm down by continuing to read our guides.

4: Ready to start!

At this point you have everything you need to be able to practice the game business in a mess on the web. The next step is to choose a mess among all those available for USA. There are really many, take all the time you need. You can also read the tips for choosing an online casino following the link below.