How and why to limit your online gaming activity

By virtue of the responsible game, American players must set limitations to their game activity in online casinos, which may concern deposits, betting amounts or losses suffered.

When a user carries out the procedure for opening an account in an online casino, it is required to set up some limits on the maximum amounts that intends to deposit or play in a certain period of time.

These limits can be changed at any time but the changes have effect from the following week. In this way it is easier to manage the game activity, especially for those players who tend to "get their hand".

What are the limits that can be set

  • Deposit limits: represent the daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit. It only concerns the money paid on the player's account through the charging operations.
  • Game limits: represents the limit on the amount that can be played in one day, even if no deposits or other transactions have occurred. For example, with a limit of $ 300 per day, you can access the games by bringing "a total maximum of $ 300 to the table". There is no account of any winnings obtained during the games.
  • Limits on single played: represents the maximum amount that the player can bet on the single play, for example a lap of slot machines or an episode to the roulette.
  • Loss limits: represents the maximum amount that the player is willing to lose in a certain period of time. For example with a limit set for $ 100, you can play that the total loss does not reach $ 100.
  • Time or session limits: allow you to set a time of play or session limit, so as not to play too long.

How to change the limit amounts

Each online casino has a group of customizable limits other than others. In general, however, the first setting must be performed at the time of registration or in any case before starting to bet with real money.

To change the limits later, just access the personal area of your account and search for the section relating to the responsible game or autolimationnull In case of problems, the Casino support for detailed assistance.

Remember that each modification has effect starting from the following week. For this reason, at the time of the first setting, stop a moment to think what the limits most suitable for your possibilities can be.

What happens when the limits are exceeded

The game limits have the general purpose of preventing the player from making more bets than initially binding. For this reason, once the limit amounts have been reached, the game activity is blocked.

In the case of the limits on the deposit, for example, once the limit is reached, the system will prevent the user from making other payments (with any method), in the case of the game limits will prevent betting further in games and so on.

The usefulness of these procedures is in our opinion very doubtful. Nothing prevents a player who has reached the limits in a certain mess of starting to bet in another. It would be much more useful if there was a database shared between all betting sites, so that these limits are valid for all betting services as a whole.

However, it is a good initiative towards a more conscious type of game. We hope that it can be enriched and improved over time.