How to register in an online virtual room

To open a game account for real (or virtual) money in any online casino, users must first fill in a recording form.

After understanding how online casinos work and after understanding how to choose a site to play safe and reliable, it's time to proceed with the opening of an account, going to the website of an operator and accessing the section for the registration from any available connection.

The form to be completed is very similar to that of other online services that provide for money transactions, in which first enter your personal data and then choose the access data to the game platform.

The time needed for the internal procedure is a few minutes.

Personal data

The first step is to provide your generic personal data, in practice those written on the tax code (or health card), the residence address, the details of an identity document and information. They may seem really many come on, and they are, but all this is necessary to guarantee security for both sides, that is, the player in the first place but also to the operators of the casino (who are sometimes subject to attempts to fraud by attacked users) null

Upon sending of the compiled form, the data entered are compared with those of the Databse AAMS, so that in case of error this is immediately notified to the user, which can proceed immediately with the corrections.

It is very important to provide correct and truthful data, as well as an email address that can be remembered the access datanull In the event that something "strange" with the recording data of a player appears, it is possible that the account is closed or that the withdrawals of the winnings are blocked. In particular, Pay attention to the fact that the person who requires a withdrawal of the winnings must be the same one who opened the game account, as well as the same that is the name of the payment methods used to depositnull On this point, online casino operators are very intransigent, especially with those trying to "be smart" (for example by making multiple inscriptions to get the welcome bonuses several times, a practice prohibited in all the mess on the web, or trying to deposit with a credit card registered to a third person).

Access data

As with every service that needs login, the account in an online casino is also protected by password. You will have to choose a username and password to associate with your account.

The choice of the password is very important and as always a safe password is recommended that it is difficult to guess and safe, which contains letters, numbers and symbols, therefore no birth dates, names of family members etc .. sometimes it can be uncomfortable to remember one Long or complex password, but you have to think about the fact that if someone should access your account in an online casino, it could do really serious damage. This also serves to protect any minors who can get their hands on a shared PC in the family.

When registering in an online casino on the website of an operator who also offers other betting services, your access data will also be used for other services, without having to carry out other registrations. The opposite also applies. A single account for all games, bets, poker, live tables and in general for all the services of the same gaming operator. If you have opened an account on Snai, for example, you can safely place a horse racing bet between a rollette session and a play at slot machines.

More information

Once the registration procedure is finished, if everything is correct, your gaming account is ready to be opened. You can immediately log in and you will also receive a welcome email in a short time with the casino with the basic information to start playing.

Recall that American law provides that the player send within 30 days of the digital copy of the identity document used for the opening of the account. This procedure is guided and the operators of the casino will not fail to provide you with precise indications in this regard.