What to pay attention to and how to defend yourself from the scams on online casinos

Online casinos are often and willingly the favorite target from spammer and other little serious individuals. What are the types of scam that can be "bite" and how to defend yourself?

Unfortunately, that of online casino is one of the sectors on the web targeted more often by shady individuals who try to defraud users in as well as dangerous ways. There are essentially two types of scams that are implemented by this gentaglia.

The dangers can hide both behind foreign operators who are not subjected to any control, and behind the countless Spam e-mails and the Phishing attempts that affect our e-mail boxes every day.

Here are some tips to learn to recognize and avoid these attempts at scam.

Fraudulent foreign casinos

Among all the online casinos available on the web, we can make a distinction between those approved in USA and the "off-shore" ones, located abroad and not legal in our country if without aams concession. Many international operators have detached offices for each country, others only abroad. Among all off-shore mess, many are valid and represent the top in the game sector of their respective countries, but operators are hidden in the middle of the pile that do not make seriousness their strong point.

The problem of foreign casinos is that they are not always subjected to checks (and surely they are not by USA), it follows the risk of running into scaming gaming sites, managed by criminals which, in addition to not paying the winnings, can make unauthorized money withdrawals, use rigged software or sell the private data of players to other unwilling individuals.

This is one of the reasons why playing in an off-shore mess is illegal. There is the risk of dealing with people who can do impunity what they want with your money and data.

How to defend yourself

The simplest way to defend yourself in this case is that of Playing only with the game services offered by operators with AAMS concessionnull From the player's point of view, the concession by the State Monopolies offers the guarantee that the operator was approved after carrying out in -depth checks: the AAMS online casinos manage in a legal and ethically correct way transactions of money and players' data , offering equipped and not rigged games.

For further precautionary precaution that the AAMS concession number is always published on the pages of the Casino websites. You can also take the concession code and check the AAMS portal (to this address), to verify that the domain of the site you are visiting is actually the authorized one.

Also consider that playing in Casino Aams is legal, playing in the other casinos is not.

A-mail if the spam is any fishing trio

Among all the boring Spam e-mails that weigh down the e-mail boxes of millions of American users, those relating to online casinos unfortunately represent a good percentage of the total. Whether it's promotional messages or real phishing attempts, always avoid following the connections in these e-mails.

Those who send these messages do so only for one reason: get your money from you or collect sensitive data. Pay attention to because the dangers can be different, the most problematic of which is phishing: it is a technique used by the spammer, which make a copy of a website, they invite you to log in using new promotions or problems as an excuse With the account and in this way the access data steals you, with all the possible and serious consequences of the case.

This problem is very serious because, in addition to putting users' safety at risk, it also puts in bad light the reputation of casino completely legal and portals (like ours) that send newsletters to the users interested without ever using techniques of spam (when it is said "to make all the grass a bundle" ...).

How not to be fooled

Generally, to avoid these traps you just need to pay a little attention. Here are the cases in which to immediately seize the emails, without clicking on any of the links present:

  • If the sender of the message is a mess or an operator on which you don't have an account or if the message is in different language from American.
  • If the text of the message contains grammar errors or "strange" characters, for example Zeri instead of "o". In these cases, in fact, the sender is a foreigner or is using special text strings to try to avoid anti-spam filters.
  • If it's too beautiful to be true. Usually, it's not true.

The biggest problem is to be able to distinguish the lawful e-mails sent by the operators on whom you have opened a gaming account, from Phishing attempts. Think about finding yourself in this situation: you have opened an account in a mess, accepting to receive promotional messages. Some time later you receive an email that reports a promotion for this operator. How do you understand if it is actually a promotional email or an attempt to care about it implemented by someone who has nothing to do with that operator?

First, you can check that the sender is the same as the one you received from the first confirmation emails after opening a gaming account. Secondly, you should evaluate the web address of the page that opens following the links in the email, checking that corresponds to the official one of the casino. If you still have doubts, you can finally connect to the Casino website directly, typing it in the address bar or looking for it on Google, log in and ask the assistance service if the promotion received by mail is actually active for your account.