Play $ 10 at the Superman slot on Snai and take 5 $ in real bonus!

monday 14 august 2017
In Promotions and offers

The new promotion of the Snai online casino gives 5 $ of real bonus to all players who point $ 10 in the brand new Superman themed slot machines!

In the Casino di Snai The 3 brand new slots dedicated to Superman's film myth have arrived: Superman The Movie, Superman II e Man of Steelnull To celebrate the introduction of these SNAI games he thought of a dedicated promotion: a Real bonus from $ 5 to be assigned to all players who bet $ 10 in one or more of the new slots machines.

It is a type of offer "Play $ 5 and take 10 $", therefore dedicated to players already registered who have made at least one point deposit. The 5 $ bonus is of the royal type: this means that there are no constraints of any kind and that any winnings made with this bonus can be taken immediately.

Superman slots are part of the famous playtech network: they have a shared progressive jackpot and are all equipped with bonus games and methods for free laps, although obviously the game dynamics and the number of active winning lines change.

Procedure to obtain the 5 $ of bonuses

Obtaining the $ 5 of the promotion in question is very simple and just follow the procedure shown in the following:

  • Those who do not yet have an account on Snai can proceed with the Recording and the first cash deposit of at least $ 10. Those who are already registered and have credit on the gaming account must obviously skip this step.
  • It makes a total of 10 $ in real cash episodes divided by chosen from the 3 slots dedicated to Superman in the "Blue Slots" section (Playtech Games) of the Snai portal.
  • Wait for the 5 $ real bonus to be automatically credited to your gaming account. The bonus can be spent in all Snai casino games and has a betting requirement of one time.

The new Superman slots

The slots dedicated to the most famous films of the well -known superhero are part of the latest creations of Playtech And they are therefore rich in special functions, have a latest generation graphics and are made by using symbols that represent the real characters (and actors) of the cinematographic films.

As usual, there are 4 progressive jackpots that are fed by the play of all players in each of the 3 slots shared. Note that these games, as well as promotion, are also available from Mobile!

Here is a summary of the characteristics of the new games:

Slot Lines Special functions Jackpot Episode
Superman The Movie 100 Free Spins, Bonus Game And 0,60$ - 15€
Superman II 25 Free Spins, Bonus Game And 0,25$ - 125€
Man of Steel 25 Free Spins, Bonus Game And 0,25$ - 125€

The other compatible promotions

All the promotions of the Snai casino are compatible with the others: players can get all bonuses in the sequence they prefer. For this reason, the $ 5 bonus for Superman slots are compatible with the other following promotions:

  • 10 $ of bonus for the no deposit casino, 100% up to $ 1000 on the first payment after registration.
  • 10 $ of real bonus for purple slots divided into two blocks of 5 $ each.
  • $ 30 for the other Snai slots, which includes $ 10+$ 10 with the Rock Your Bonus promotion and another $ 10 for red slots.
  • Weekly bonus in the form of a reimbursement of up to $ 50 per week for red slots.
  • Daily spin with which to have the opportunity to win up to $ 500 per day of real credit and can be spent in all the casino games.
  • Loyalty prize up to $ 1360 monthly.
  • All the other bonuses not linked to the casino but to the other Snai services, such as sports betting and bingo.

Is this promotion convenient?

In a nutshell: yes. It is a real bonus of 50% of $ 10, assigned to players with a rather low betting amount and regardless of the winning or loser outcome of the episodes. In other words, if you play $ 10 and get a win, you are still entitled to credit promised by the offer.