The new live room of 888: elegance, luxury and higher limits

wednesday 28 june 2017
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888Casino brings the experience of the live game to a new level with the Elite Lounge, the new room with blackjack games and live roulette.

The sector of live mess It has grown a lot over the years, thanks to the possibility of immersing players in an environment very similar to that of the royal mess, with all the comforts of being safely sitting at home. Now 888casino he decided to bring the game with the live dealers to a higher level, offering a new room with tables and live roulette with the aim of Make players live a real VIP experience: the Elite Lounge.

The new Elite Lounge of 888, based on the Evolution Gaming platform, is certainly not a mediocre live mess in which the Croupier and the tables are located inside an anonymous room. On the contrary, the Elite Lounge was created inside a building whose windows give aIncredible view of a beautiful city skyline, worthy of the best night clubs. The interior of the room has an ultra-modern furnishings on the tones of blue and purple, a touch of class that differentiates this platform from all the other live casinos seen so far.

Exclusive tables for High-Roller players

The offer of games involves the presence of One table of elite roulette e 5 Elite Blackjack tables, each of which takes its name from a gem activates: emerald, opal, topaz, sapphire and pearl. The reduced number of games is explained by the desire to maintain a certain level of exclusivity, granting access only to VIP or High-Roller players.

As always, Exclusivity has a price: the episode limits of the roulette live he was born in BlackJack Inside the Lounge Elite are decidedly higher than those usually imposed in other rooms with Live Dealer. Just think that for Blackjack sapphire, the limits are indicatively $ 250 for the lowest episode and $ 20,000 for the highest one!

All this makes the Elite Lounge the top of the top regarding the live online game, suitable only for those high-roller players with deep pockets that are not having problems bringing to the table an inconceivable bankroll for most players " common".

A look inside the Lounge Elite

Here is a summary of what makes the Elite Lounge of 888Casino a 5 -star experience and a short video showing a recovery of the interior of the room at night.

  • High definition cameras and slow-motion effects.
  • Spectacular night view against the background of the tables.
  • Limits for increased minimum and maximum episodes.
  • Access to special promotions for 888casino VIP players.

Information on 888

888 is one of the most famous suppliers in the world of games and betting for money on the web. Founded in 1997, 888 has been at the top in the online gaming industry for over a decade, it is accessible from 176 countries around the world and is available in 22 different languages.

The offer of 888 is very large and in general online casino, live mess, sport betting, poker and bingo (the availability of the platforms depends on the country and regulation). 888 has also been part of the legal game market in USA for several years and represents one of the leaders in the so -called "Casino Aams" sector.