Actions taken by the operators to prevent money laundering online

wednesday 13 december 2017
In Igaming and online game

The point of the situation on the methods used by games for money for money on the web to prevent money laundering, in online casino and betting sites. How do they work and what changes for the player?

One of the problems that has most afflicted the casino and betting play platforms in general is that of money laundering.

It's about a problem that is still constantly addressed today To ensure the safety and legality to all the parties involved in the Betting and Gambling sectors online.

By simplifying a lot, we can say that online gaming systems are often targeted by individuals who intend to "clean up" money, depositing money from dubious origin in a gaming account and subsequently taking the "washed" loot.

So long as American law provides for anti-agricultural rules, let's see how the operators authorized by AM fight this phenomenon and how this affects normal players.

Identification of the player

The first step is to know who plays:

  • The first identification of the customer takes place through registration and subsequent confirmation by sending the identity document.
  • In the event that the confirmation of identity does not take place within 30 days, the account is suspended and therefore becomes unusable.
  • The system does not allow the opening of multiple game accounts for the same tax code or for the same personal data.

Game account monitoring

All players' accounts are checked so that everything takes place regularly:

  • Limits are imposed (albeit high) for money transactions, are these deposits or withdrawals.
  • In case of withdrawal, the beneficiary is verified that the same person who has the ownership of the gaming account.
  • Money withdrawals are possible only through payment systems that comply with the rules in force.

Collaboration with the competent bodies

Operators cooperate with law enforcement in cases of abuse:

  • The information of the players is made available to the competent bodies if recycling and financing of illegal activities are detected.
  • In the case of reports from the police, the operator can suspend or close the account for which irregular activities are detected.

What changes for players

Obviously most players, that is, those who use the game platforms and online casinos to bet as required by the rules, has nothing to fearnull Indeed, these checks guarantee the safety and regular performance of the game activities.

In the face of considerable long-term advantages, there are only two small inconveniences for players with the adoption of anti-agricultural rules. The first is that withdrawals cannot be made until the account comes verified by sending a document.

The second concerns the impossibility of withdrawing what has been deposited without having played it: in practice it is not possible to make a payment and immediately take the same amount. In other words, Only actual winnings can be taken.