Is the social gambling game really different from the mess?

sunday 5 february 2017
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In this article we try to clarify, once and for all, on the difference between the Slot Machines apps for smartphones (the so -called "social game") and online casinos

Just as the virtual casino number on the American web is multiplied, the "free" apps of slot machines on the various stores both Android and Apple are also multiplying. If in the mess you put money at risk to get the possibility of obtaining real winnings, with the "free" apps of Slot Machines you risk losing money without winning absolutely anything.

And if the gambling is, rightly, forbidden to minors of 18 years, For the apps the limit goes down to 12 yearsnull Before deepening the topic, it is good to clarify the differences between online gaming rooms and "social" gambling applications.

What are online casinos are

If you are on this website, you probably already know what an online casino is, but in any case, for completeness, forgive us a small repetition: it is a Virtual game room, accessible via the internet or with a mobile device, in which it is possible to bet in games both with real money (with winnings and real losses), and with fake money (you do not lose and do not win).

Each operator offers a casino based on a specific software, but in general inside they can be found Tens, if not hundreds, of classic games or slot machinesnull It is also not rare to be able to bet via webcams in tables and live blackjack. Last but not less important: much of the popularity of these virtual rooms derives from the numerous, even if not always advantageous, promotions offered both to the new registered players, the so -called welcome bonuses, and to the most loyal players.

The operators who received a license from AAMS operate in USA in a legal way, providing a reliable and safe service. You can lose, of course, but you cannot be cheated: RNG software, payment systems and in general the behavior of operators are controlled and subjected to a stringent legislation. Even more important, registration is inhibited for all those who are less than 18 years old.

What are online slots

Even about the slot machines you probably already know in principle what we are talking about, which is why we fly over the most simplistic descriptions of this type of game.

What is important to highlight are the Two possible game modes Available: the first, The free one, provides that the player has a practically unlimited credit available for the episodes: In fact, just recharge the game to reset the game. The second, the one for money, predicts that the player has made a deposit before bet: the tokens used to start the slot correspond to real money. It follows that The losses are to be considered cash losses, as well as the winnings, which can be taken and pocketed.

How the slot machines apps work

We now come to the fulcrum of our article, the applications for smartphones or tablets based on slot games (or gambling in general). We do not want to make a bundle of all the grass, but in general These apps share a common scheme: The game is initially free and users start with a number of tokens (or chips) to make the episodes. So far nothing strange. But What happens when the initial credit runs out? You have to pay to continue playing, having the certainty of never being able to win anything, because in the end, these are still games that do not provide for cash prizes!

The peculiarity of these games lies in the fact that no money is used for bets, but the tokens with which to start the slots rollers must be bought. And it doesn't end here: do you want to be more likely to win? You have to pay. Do you want to take advantage of wheels of luck and bonuses? You have to pay. Now, this type of Purchase "in-app" It is common to 90% of the applications that provide a free basic service, it is an questionable mechanism from some points of view but perfectly lawful and apparently appreciated by many. You pay for something more.

But isn't it game of gambling anyway?

In our opinion yes. Let's try to make a comparison with online casinos and see what are the differences:

  • A player enrolls in a mess on the web, receives a free bonus to play at the beginning, then makes a money deposit with which he buys tokens for the episodes in the online slots available if the bonus credit ends.
  • The user of a mobile device downloads an app that offers slot games, receives a free initial credit, then must buy further tokens to continue making bets if the initial credit runs out.

Can you find differences? No? Well, we suggest some of us. The problems in the specific case of slot machines applications are in our opinion two. First, You pay to play, but you never win anything concrete, because the currency is always virtual. Second, the age limits for these games also take up to 12 years (PEGI 12). Since even the youngest can get in possession of prepaid credit cards in certain circumstances, with which to freely buy "in-app", As we see it in all respects, minors are able to play gambling through these applications.

Imagine a 16 -year -old boy who uses the prepaid card to buy a new track for his car racing game on his cell phone. Nothing strange. Now imagine the same guy who buys chips to aim for slots. Is it just us to see something wrong with this?

In the notes relating to the Casino apps, phrases like the following are read: "The game is reserved for an adult audience, (the application) does not offer real gambling or the opportunity to win real cash prizes. Practicing Social Games does not imply successes or winnings in real gambling"Social or not, it is always gamble.

If on the one hand it is in fact true that the promise of a cash win is perhaps the greatest danger linked to the game in the classic meaning of the term, however, it must be considered that even the apps for the "social game" use some mechanisms that can trigger an addiction Equally serious: time tournaments and prizes are an example. In any case, the user is encouraged to play as much as possible.

In addition, not being subject to the controls that are instead mandatory for the release of a concession for remote game, it is also likely that some of these applications are based on not too honest software. Obviously these are only speculations, but reading the reviews left by the users it is clear that many complain about a scheme in which at the beginning you win a lot but shortly after you lose inexorably. In short, the doubt is there.

Our opinion in this regard

We are not against gambling, as recreational activity and expression of personal freedom of fun. We certainly don't even want to believe that the game in online casinos is an activity that brings only joys and fun, without risk. However, we are above all convinced that clear rules and categorical limitations are needed for the youngest.

As we see it, If you decide to risk money, better to do it in order to have a remote probability of winningnull If, on the other hand, you decide to play for free, just to spend time, purchases should not be expected, at least in this category of games.

And above all, minors should not be allowed to practice casino games. Wouldn't it be appropriate to foresee a minimum age limit also for the so -called "social gambling"? You are adults, do you know what you are doing and you have no problems with a loss of money? Free to play. But the very young do not have to do it, in no case, all the more so through devices always at hand.