On Betfair 10 $ of Roulette bonus, $ 10 real for Live Roulette

friday 09 withptember 2016
In Promotions and offers

Betfair offers two promotions for roulette lovers: with "sounds the bonus" and "play live on black" two bonuses of $ 10 each.

The online casino Betfair has made available two offers that allow roulette lovers to get $ 20 in bonus: one of $ 10 in the form of a game bonus for those who play virtual roulette and one in the form of real money for those who play roulette instead live.

Promotions are valid for all players and not just for new members. The latter can take part compatibly with the welcome offers, which we remember being divided into two bonuses for a total of 220 $.

Below is the detailed information on the offers "Play the bonus" for virtual roulette and "play live on black" for the live one.

The bonus rings: 10 $ game bonus to virtual roulette

Valid both for those who play at the Betfair casino via PC on the website, and for those who play on Betfair Mobile con smartphone o tablet, this offer allows you to receive a Bonus with a value of $ 10 and betting requirement of 10 times ($ 100 of game volume), simply a total of $ 10 in any virtual roulette game Among all those available, with a type of formula "Play $ 10 and take 10 $".

How to get the bonus: Perform access to your account on Betfair, select the promo in the dedicated section, click on the activation button, play $ 10 at any roulette table.

Here are some of the conditions applied to the bonus to be taken into consideration:

  • The offer is valid until 14 September 2016 and the credit is paid as soon as the player meets the play requirements.
  • The bonus received is valid for 7 days and provides for a betting requirement of 10 times its value, after which it will be converted, together with all the winnings obtained, in a real bonus.
  • It can be focused on all Betfair enabled games via the website and also by Mobile, in the latter case with some restrictions (the Roulette games, Blackjack, Jacks or Better, Club Night, Fish or Rama, Santa Gifts, Vacation Station ).
  • All games with the exception of baccarat and low risk episodes have a 100% contribution for the purpose of calculating the volume of bet generated.

Is it a convenient offer? In our opinion, yes, since there are no obligatory episode patterns, but total freedom is left to the player. In addition, those who are used to playing roulette find themselves with a credit of $ 10 in homage and, given the bet requirements, there are good chances of being able to convert it into real money.

Play live on black: $ 10 in real bonus with live roulette

Valid "subject to exhaustion", as reported by the regulation proposed by Betfair, this promo allows the players of Receive $ 10 as a real bonus, therefore with a betting requirement of only 1 time for the conversion into real cash and the withdrawal. It applies only to the live roulette tables of Betfair Live (Here more information on live mess) e It is accessed when you make 3 consecutive winnings by focusing on black, with a bet of at least $ 5.

How to get the bonus: access your game account, go to the Casino promotions section, click on the participation button, obtain 3 consecutive winnings on black in a live roulette with a minimum bet of $ 5 for each play.

We report some terms of the regulation to keep in mind:

  • The offer has an unsigned period of validity, it is therefore advisable to verify its presence if interested.
  • The bonus that is received with this promo is valid 7 days from the moment of the accreditation on the player account, the winnings obtained with it can be immediately taken, while to withdraw the amount of the bonus itself the episode requirement is only once.
  • Once the credit provided for by the promotion is obtained, at least 7 days must pass before they can participate again.
  • The credit received from the players with this offer can be bet in any game game available in "real money" mode.

Is it a convenient offer? Yes and no: the fact that the bonus is real is a good thing, but the need to bet according to an imposed scheme risks making the player lose more than he can get. Unless you are bets of bets on black!

As always, we recommend interested players to view the official promotions regulation directly on the operator's website. We also remind you that Betfair is an operator whose betting service for casino games is part of our selection of the most reliable online casinos.