It is centered 3 consecutive times the black with live roulette and win 10 $

friday 03 august 2018
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Betfair Casinó gives you $ 10 in real bonus, therefore without restrictions, whenever focusing on black at the live roulette you will be able to win 3 times in a row.

To participate in the promotion Play live on Betfair Casino's black And try winning the $ 10, you have to focus on black at the live roulette at least $ 5 for each wheel round. If you manage to hit the black 3 consecutive times, you will receive a Bonus worth $ 10null The bonus obtained is of the royal type, therefore to convert it into real money and be able to withdraw it, provides for a betting requirement of only 1 time.

We specify that this promotion It is valid only for the live roulette tables of Betfair Live (On this page you will find All information on Live Casino).

The bonus received by participating in the promotion It is useful live on black It can be used for all Betfair Casino games.
Once the crediting of this bonus is obtained, you can receive another of the same type after 7 days.

In order to withdraw the winnings made using the real bonus, you have to bet it in full for at least once at any game available, in game mode for "real money".

you have 7 days from the bonus assignment to meet this requirement. after this time interval, betfair will remove the bonus from your gaming account, considering it expired. betfair casino did not indicate an expiration date for the promotion play live on black (it is considered valid while funds last).

How to participate in the promotion "Play Live sul Nero"

To participate in this promotion and try to win $ 10 of real bonus (you can win again the $ 10 every 7 days) just follow the simple steps indicated below:

  • Log in your gaming account
  • If you still don't have an account Register in Betfair from here
  • Click on the "active" button that you find on the promotion page
  • Play at least $ 5 on black for each lap of the Live Roulette wheel
  • win 3 consecutive times and receive $ 10 in real bonus

Terms and conditions applied to promotion

Here are some conditions applied by Betfair to those who decide to take advantage of this promotion, to try to get free funds to play. As always, our advice is to verify the complete regulation on the Betfair Casino website, before joining the promotion play live on black.

  • To avoid abuse, Betfair allows participation in this promotion to a single user on the game, family unit, IP address, residence, e -mail address, owner of the payment method used (credit card, debt, electronic Borsellino Neteller ) and PC shared in public places.
  • Betfair Casino can exercise the right not to admit to this promotion users who have made themselves of the authors of fraudulent game activities, such as unfair game or promotional abuse. It can also decide to cancel the game account of the latter.
  • At any time Betfair can decide, acting at its own unquestionable judgment, to definitively suspend or cancel this promotion. In this case, his decision will be immediately communicated to all users who have joined this offer, extending from any responsibility for the failure to use the benefits offered by the same.

For whom is this promotion indicated?

The promo plays live on Betfair Casino's black is designed above all for races of the Roulette game.

If you like to play roulette and you happen to play the live version of this game, we recommend that you consider this Betfair Casino initiative.

if, on the other hand, you have not played the live version, it may be advantageous to take advantage of this offer because, as you have had the opportunity to see, the times when the roulette ball stops on black for 3 consecutive times, they are quite frequent. we remind you, however, that the minimum episode for each lap of wheel must be at least $ 5 for which it evaluates well if the budget you dedicate to your games is such as to satisfy this requirement.

Otherwise, you can always take advantage of the welcome promotion that allows you to receive $ 25 of real bonus without the obligation to deposit.

Is it a convenient offer? In some aspects yes, for others not. Certainly the fact that the bonus is real is an advantage for the player. But the obligation to bet an imposed value for each lap risks losing more than it can be obtained. Things change if you are used to betting, regardless of black!

As always, we recommend interested players to view the official promotions regulation directly on the operator's website. We also remind you that Betfair is an operator whose betting service for casino games is part of our selection of the most reliable online casinos.