Safe play and fight to ludopathy: cooperate to find solutions

tuesday 23 November 2021
In Igaming and online game

Betsson, a Swedish company specialized in online Gambling in the international field, is experiencing a somewhat rosy period.

The first positive signs for the Betsson group, active in USA with the brand STARCASINO, come from the prospect of the Revenues with reference to the third quarter of the yearnull The company has in fact scored one growth equal to 3.3% for a value of 1.73 billion of Swedish crowns (173.6 million euros).

Well the betting department, which compared to last year saw a 23.6% increase for a total value of 435.7 million crowns. To condition these positive results, also thanks to the calendar of sporting events full of appointments such as the final stages of the Europeans, the America's Cup and the championships that resumed in August.

Positive increase also for the poker and bingo sector that with +24.4% has reached a value of 21.9 million crowns. However, this sector guarantees only 1% of total revenues. The same cannot be said for i Casino Games who instead ensure 74% of revenues overall for a total of 1.28 billion crowns. To note, however,, a 2.4% contraction in relation to the latter, mainly caused by the American market Following the entry into force of the new online game law last June.

Also Volumes in the United Kingdom recorded an settlement After the reorganization of the operations by the company under the Rizk brand.

Adopt a rigorous approach even after the pandemic

Betsson made his voice heard in this last period during numerous events in the sector. For example, there was talk of Responsible game at Betting on Sports organized by SBC in London. About that, Eduard Yakubov, Head of Safer Gambling di Betsson Group, specified how the most rigorous approach adopted by the various operators during the pandemic must be maintained even in the event of return to full normalcy:

“The collaboration between operators to get to Best Practices is essential to carry on a responsible game process. Each country has a different approach to the game, with different regulations that take into consideration various aspects to protect the players, From the self -exclusion to the time and maximum expenditure limits for game sessionnull It will be essential to understand in which direction the games and betting industry is moving after the pandemic experience ".

Fundamental cooperation to defeat ludopathy

In addition to the responsible game, it was also mentioned in ludopathy, this time on the occasion of the Sigma Europe which recently took place in Malta. Pontus Lindwall, CEO of Betsson, said in this regard:

There is a big difference between the operators of 15 years ago and the current onesnull Now there are many variables and greater difficulties. The game industry has always been a field in which the regulation is constantly evolving, we must only hope that the regulators meet to share their know-how in order to improve national legislation. If their ambition is to limit the gambling pathology, They should not only think about narrowing the field of action of legal operators, but they should also cooperate with us to find the best solutions.