The alternative investment giant enters the American Gambling market

friday 27 may 2022
In Igaming and online game

The alternative investment giant, Blackstone Group, enters the American Gambling market with Cursa which detected 100% of Eplay24 ITA limited.

After the negotiation for the acquisition of the Australian company of Casino Crown Resorts, Blackstone Incnull He arrives, in all respects, also in American online casino sectornull The giant of Park Avenue is in fact Owner of the Spanish multinational Cursa, which He detected 100% of Eplay24 Ita limited.

The transaction is covered Great importance for the gaming market in USA: Blackstone Group is, in fact, one of the major financial companies, as well as the main alternative investment company of the entire planet and operates in multiple fields. Specialized - and mainly known - for real estate investments, leveraged buyout and private equity operations. Coopera, for example, also with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies (such as Pfizer, to name one above all) ensuring the funds necessary for the entry into the market of medicines and health technologies.

Obviously there is no lack of technology: among the recipients of Blackstone's investments, which undertakes to provide tools to support and guide the productivity of its customers and partners, also through the use of advanced software platforms, in the belief that technology has greater It is more concrete impact when mainly aimed at specific and personalized purposes.

The company subject to the acquisition, Eplay24, is an American distance game dealer with regular Adm license which is based in Sliema, on the island of Malta, but with permanent organization in our peninsula. Its Americans are also his managers, Antonio Tressenti and Carmine Biancospino.

Although these are a recent reality, it has already made its way in the sector obtaining excellent results and placing itself at the top of the operators of the legal game in the American market, also shaking agreements for commercial partnerships with companies in the caliber of Italiaonline spa, which suggest excellent possibilities of further growth. The different services, from sport to virtual games to online casinos, are also offered through other brands of ownership, among the best known there is Sportitalabet.

New possible acquisitions

The concrete possibility of another important acquisition has recently emerged, that of Leovec from Mgm Resortsnull The intent is to expand the global growth of the digital game, as Bill Hornbuckle CEO and President of MGM said, which even aspires, with this union, to direct the main game entertainment company in the world.

Levegas represents, in fact, one of the Best casinos in USA And a flag at the level of innovation in the mobile game, having designed a highly performing platform which is certainly one of the most used and welcome in the European panorama in which it operates.

For its part, The Swedish society would have equally interest in the conclusion of the deal, strongly warm by senior managers to shareholders. Pending the improvement, Leovegas temporarily put the dividend's distribution and the incentive program previously communicated, in anticipation of the General Assembly set for May 19th.

To avoid a downsizing of the offer by MGM, it was deliberated that both aspects will be re -discussions once understood what the outcome of the transaction will be.