PokerStars' casino in the lead, followed by Lottomatica and Sisal

sunday 25 march 2018
In Igaming and online game

In the first quarter of 2018, Casino Games still record records, while PokerStars arrives in the first place in the market shares.

Great proof of strength that of online casinos in the first months of the year, demonstrating the fact that the forecasts of the end of 2017, concerning a probable further increase in the market in 2018, were founded.

In the first months of the year, Casino Games offer has further expanded, with the introduction of new games by major online game software manufacturers. The promotions of many operators engaged in the legal game sector in USA have also been updated to cope with the ever -growing crowding of brands that want to be part of such a flourishing market.

An interesting novelty regarding this first period of the year was the climb, during the month of February, that allowed PokerStars to reach the summit in terms of market shares relating to expenditure, dirtying from the first Lottomatic position.

Always referring to the month of February it is observed that The total expenditure for Casino Games reached the remarkable figure of 54.9 million eurosnull The increase compared to the same period of the previous year was 33.5%, enormous growth if we think that we refer to a market that is no longer very young (the mess on the web in USA were legalized in 2011).

Slot Machines are as always towing the Casino Games sector, that week after week they gnaw the tenths of percentage points to the most classic board games, now almost relegated to a niche role. Role of niche now occupied full -time by online poker, which in its cash and tournament versions considered together does not reach a quarter of the expenditure recorded by the casino games.

Market shares in shopping for Casino Games (February 2018)

Fly PokerStars first, with a 9%share. They follow on the podium a short time Lottomatica and Sisal with 8.7%. The main reason why these three operators are at the top must be sought in the fact that they are not platforms that offer only an online casino, but a multitude of different game services such as poker, bets, bingo, scratch & vinci and many Other virtual games for money.

It is not uncommon that in these cases a player also "converts" to Casino Games available inside the same platform.

Among others we observe a good increase for 888 (which reaches 6%), while Eurobet (with 6.41%) and Snaitech (with 5.7%) remain quite stationary. Follows a list of all operators who have reached a share equal to or greater than 1% of the market.

Lattomatic 8,7%
SISAL 8,7%
Eurobet 6,40%
888 6,0%
Snaitech 5,7%
Bwin 5,6%
Greenentube 4,5%
Sixth 3,7%
Starcare 2,9%
Timing 2,5%
Payand 2,3%
Leovec 1,7%
Unibet 1,3%
Play Live 1,3%
Bandwake 1,1%