Play free, without limits, to casino and online slot games

thursday 6 august 2015
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In general, users consider online casinos as gaming services in which to bet real money. True, but not everyone knows that casino games can be used for free, just like video games.

Those who want to try casino and slot machines games for free, without putting their money at risk, can do it in online casinos. It seems a contradiction, but in reality most operators allow a totally free game mode, in which a fictitious currency is used called "virtual money".

In practice it is use casino games to spend time, just as if it were a video game (one of those reserved for the age of 18 in any case!). By now practically all board games and slot machines can be used in the so -called "test sessions", including those with progressive jackpots. The latter, until recently reserved for bets with real money, have also been adapted for free game: simply in this case the jackpots are deactivated.

Playing free mess is very simple: in some cases just connect to the Casino website, select one of the many games available and click on "Test" or "Play for free". The game will start immediately, without the need for registration. In other cases, however, a game account for virtual money must be opened: a normal registration is carried out without however making any deposit. In any case, the game time and the credit available are unlimited. To have access to different games, just choose more than a mess. Here a complete list of casinos in which to play for free with fake money.

This game mode allows everyone to have fun with games and slots without spending anything, without risking anything and without downloading anything. Although the game with virtual money was born in order to allow players to try the games before really betting, in fact this opportunity allows everyone to take part in the most beautiful casino games with the same simplicity as any video game.

If until now you have tried only "games" in flash, you will find the proposals of the farmhouses very but much more interesting.

What if I want to play fake money from tablet or celllular?

Some operators allow you to also use the mobile version of the casino as a video game. In this case, the procedures can be a little more complosed. Here more information to play for free from Mobile.