Save the princess and win 100,000 $ of bonuses

tuesday 19 November 2019
In Promotions and offers

Eurobet has launched "Casino Legend", a new game mode to have fun at slot machines and win up to $ 100,000, both from desktop and mobile.

Casino Legend projects the player into an adventurous path whose destination is the Terra di Gorum And the purpose of the game is to save the beautiful princess trapped in the clutches of the perfidious demon. Whoever manages to defeat all the monsters and reach the end of this adventurous path, will win the use of a part of a rich prize pool worth $ 100,000 in Bonus Casino.

How to participate in Casino Legend and win up to $ 100,000

To try to win the prize pool by venturing yourself on this path, just enter the section Legend casino Present on the Eurobet Casino homepage and click the green button with the writing "The adventure begins”.

Select your avatar by choosing it between characters all different from each other for characteristics and appearance - from human fighters, to robots and animals. You can choose between: Urlor, Arlea, Denos, Hynea, So-315, Leijima, Klen, Markus, Janus, Yona.

After choosing your character among the ten available, you will have to face a 40 levels route playing with the proposed slot machines.

The progress of the individual levels on Eurobet slots is verifiable from the "Advance bar"As a desktop and in the bar called"Challenge"If you play mobile device.

At each level you will face a guardian who defends the passage, in a simulated battle with four different types of game, called Game of the guardiannull During the battle you can receive specific bonuses that you can use the slots, dresses to customize your character, tokens to spend in the store.

It is played with 5 lives, of which both the user and the guardian have, the first of the two that ends it is defeated.
If you manage to defeat all the monsters and arrive at the end of the game path, you can access the rich prize pool worth $ 100,000.

Terms and conditions of the Legend casino bonus

The Legend Casino prizes are paid in the form of a casino bonus. This means that before being able to withdraw the amount won, it will be necessary to play it inside the Eurobet casino.

The exceptional advantage lies in the fact that i betting requirements are only 1x, so just play the sum only once to be able to withdraw.

You have 30 days to play and then meet the play requirement required to transform the cash bonus in which you take, after which if not used it will lose completely value.

The player can control the status of his use and the conversion on a balanced balance, directly to the "section"Account management”, Entering"bonus", So in"Casino”.

After an adventure of Casino Legend, the player will be able to start another one choosing, however, a different character from the previous one. In this way he will have a new possibility of winning the rich prize pool of $ 100,000.